Have you considered geographic footprint in your engineering and outsourcing manufacturing strategy?

While evaluating outside vendors to engineer or manufacture a product, one of the most obvious needs to be considered is whether they have the capabilities required to build it. This can include ...


Manufacturing Defense Industrial Communications

When the movie Hidden Figures hit the big screen in 2016, it told a story that much of America was unaware of, specifically the role of three unknown female African American mathematicians involved in helping the U.S. in the race to beat the Russians to space. In the 1940s, NASA started...


About Benchmark Diversity

The more software technology like artificial intelligence extends the boundaries of what's possible, the more Benchmark finds software-focused companies choosing to join with design and manufacturing partners. As hardware and software capabilities more tightly-converge (think self-driving vehicles,...


Industrial Design & Engineering

As a global innovation partner and engineering and manufacturing services provider, Benchmark is committed to creating a transparent and open environment for all cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and genders across our facilities around the world. In fact, our diversity allows our company...


Sustainability About Benchmark Diversity

For more than 30 years, Benchmark has been a part of the internet and computing revolution by helping our customers develop and launch advanced computing and communications hardware. We work with customers to deliver customized solutions from concept to market, supporting their teams where it's...


Manufacturing RF/Microwave & mmWave Microelectronics Communications Computing

The Benchmark Site Profile is an ongoing blog feature highlighting the Benchmark engineering and manufacturing teams worldwide. Tune in to read the next installment in the series. This month features Benchmark Lark Technology's engineering and manufacturing team in Tijuana, Mexico - Rubi.


Defense RF/Microwave & mmWave Aerospace RF Filters & Components Communications

A Legacy of Medical Technology, a Passion for Innovation

Benchmark has over 40 years of experience building and supporting Class I, II, and III medical devices for high-growth customers who share our passion for innovation. While Benchmark serves other highly regulated and complex industries,...


Medical Connected Devices About Benchmark

The term "multi-domain, joint forces interoperability" might sound overwhelming. Still, when you boil it down, all it means is that modern militaries need to collect from many places, process the data, and transmit data to many warfighters. When this happens over multiple domains—land, air, sea,...