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Tackling Complex Industrial Challenges

Whether our customers are building equipment for industrial applications in the harshest environments or developing components for surveillance imaging and tracking solutions, Benchmark is an expert in complexity. We offer a variety of rugged computingimaging, sensing and RF solutions for the industrial market. Our products can be found in construction, power generation, manufacturing, water treatment facilities, chemical plants, oil and gas and more. We have deep experience and a diverse range of technology platforms to facilitate the development of mission-critical equipment, vehicles and components for the industrial markets of today and the future.

How Benchmark is Creating Smarter Factories & Equipment

Benchmark's combination of engineering capabilities in ruggedizationcomputing, mechatronics, power management and connectivity give us an edge in control systems design. We use these capabilities to design systems which provide operational intelligence in industrial facilities, systems for the surveillance of international borders and everything in between. At Benchmark, we excel at delivering advanced communication, enabling our customers to offer systems that collect and transmit data to help customers optimize operations.. This enables access to better data and better analytics to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

By leveraging investments in a global supply chain and innovative technology building blocks, Benchmark is well-equipped to meet the needs of the modern industrial customer. Our capabilities in IoT, RF and high-speed wireless and precision manufacturing allow our teams to excel in a wide range of industrial solutions including smart measurement, video processing, power conversion, transportation, robotics and 3D printing.

Our full-service, vertically integrated capabilities in the industrial market include:

  • Manufacturing Robots, Motion Control and Hardware that Enables Automation
  • High-powered Applications, Test and Measurement
  • Next Generation Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) Reductions 
  • Custom IoT Platforms to Enable Capabilities Such as Precision Asset Tracking, Temperature Sensing and Regulatory Compliance
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Smart Measurement - Configured and Calibrated

Industrial professionals need highly accurate data in real-time to measure various parameters in the physical, electrical and chemical spectra. Benchmark has more than 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing industrial measurement devices with more than a hundred dedicated engineers in our Almelo Design Center of Innovation. Combined with our expertise in advanced IoT, Benchmark is at the cutting-edge of smart measurement devices and can take our customers to market faster.  

Like their analog counterparts, smart instruments do need to be configured and calibrated, as is often required by regulation. To help our customers ensure dependable, consistent results and minimize measurement uncertainty, Benchmark provides smart measurement equipment calibration services. 

Most importantly, choosing the right smart measurement partner requires assessing flexibility. Benchmark understands the unpredictable cycles in the market and can accommodate the ebb and flow of demand. Our flexibility is often our customer’s secret weapon in maintaining profitability in manufacturing.

Video Processing - Process Data Faster in Rugged Environments

Benchmark’s in-depth knowledge of intelligent networking, IoT, and advanced manufacturing systems including active alignment, assembly, and test of optoelectronic devices, makes us a trusted design, development and manufacturing partner for complex video processing equipment. We serve leading brands in a wide range of industries, from broadcast and entertainment, to military and autonomous vehicles that offer the latest innovations in video capture, processing, mixing/cutting and imaging.

With civil and corporate security concerns increasing worldwide, major cities and private enterprises continue to install video surveillance systems. These applications are often mission-critical, requiring ultra-high definition equipment that can process data faster in rugged environments and store it for fast retrieval. Benchmark offers our customers the ability to technically differentiate their solutions with these features at a lower cost to remain competitive in this growing market.

The need to electronically transmit images in digital form to provide more access to information is also increasing the demand for smaller and more powerful handheld cameras in the digital imaging market. Benchmark Lark Technology is leading the commercialization of liquid crystal polymer (LCP) interconnect, up to 10 times thinner than conventional circuits. This breakthrough innovation gives us the ability to design and fabricate high-speed wireless equipment with improved size, weight and power (SWaP) and zero loss in quality or value.

With end users often expressing a preference for country of origin solutions, Benchmark is ideally positioned to manufacture and ship locally, regionally or globally in the U.S., Mexico, Europe and Asia.

Power Conversion - Solutions for High Complexity Challenges

Innovation in the industrial market is driving the demand for manufacturing partners with technical expertise in the high power environment. Companies are looking for connected solutions with more sensing capabilities to enable wireless systems that provide better data analytics and more control over power infrastructure.

At Benchmark, we have invested in key facilities in Penang, Malaysia to develop a center of excellence for the high power environment to meet this demand. Our new facilities, coupled with our deep engineering experience in power conversion, have enabled our teams to excel at creating advanced solutions for high complexity challenges.

Our capabilities in the high power conversion market include:

  • Specialization in all Forms of Power Conversion Including AC/AC, AC/DC, DC/AC and DC/DC
  • Feedback Sensing and Connected Solutions for Motor Drives, Battery Chargers and Conveyor Belts
  • Expertise to Handle Large Power Requirements that Demand High Reliability

Transportation and Automotive - In the Harshest and Most Demanding Environments

The freight and passenger applications we engineer for our customers are mission-critical. That’s why we leverage the most advanced technology to design, manufacture and assemble systems that operate with maximum reliability in the harshest and most demanding environments. Whether our customers are building heavy mining equipment to handle excruciating deep-earth temperatures, smart railway systems to improve safety and performance, or 80-ton construction vehicles, Benchmark has the rigorous engineering skills and supply chain expertise to deliver low-cost, high-quality solutions.

Our expertise in data over power solutions overcomes limitations of wireless communications on locomotives and gives new intelligence to locomotive and other large equipment control systems. This unique service takes commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) power cables for locomotives and re-engineers them to allow data transfer over power at speeds of 50-100 MBps. With hundreds of thousands of legacy locomotive vehicles in the field, the cost to redesign locomotives to improve data systems is immense. Benchmark’s data over power solutions bypass the redesign or tear down phase and enable high-speed data transfer efficiently.

Our solutions in transportation include:

Robotics & 3D Printing - Complex, High-Precision Robotic Systems

A wide range of industries are increasingly automating and speeding the product development lifecycle to reduce cost and improve efficiency at a higher level of quality. At Benchmark, we have the engineering capabilities and experience to help our customers develop automation solutions. We design, manufacture and assemble complex, high-precision robotic systems with sensor technology that takes control of product operations and optimizes efficiency.

Benchmark’s services and solutions in robotics include:

  • Full System Builds
  • Module Builds for Highly Complex-sub-assemblies
  • IoT Design for Sensors, Connectivity
  • Optical System Design
  • Customized Test Requirements
  • Replication and After-installation Support

Our expertise and experience in robotics and 3D printing facilitate low-volume, high complexity prototyping and production that is disrupting the market. We design, engineer, test and manufacture high-end complex systems for robotics and 3D printing. Benchmark’s global facilities located close to our partners' end market enables best-in-class supply chain management from manufacturing through distribution, consistently lowering total costs and speeding time-to-market.

Engineering Capabilities

Engineering Capabilities

With a rich portfolio of value-add capabilities, Benchmark can engineer the most complex solutions for leading OEMs in the industrial market. Our deep experience in human machine interface (HMI), IoT, miniaturization, RF design, mechatronics and ruggedization, helps bring industrial applications into the digital age. From ideation and product development to testing and production, we actively collaborate with companies to accelerate time to market and lower costs.

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Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services

Benchmark’s expertise in automation, robotics, optics, analytics and process improvement provides our industrial customers with a competitive edge. We possess the unique capability of high-melting point soldering for industries such as oil and gas, a key differentiator in the industry. Other world-class manufacturing services include motion control, high power test, RF assembly and test, ultrasonic welding and 3D printing for quick-turn prototyping.

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Benchmark's Industrial solutions are assisted by our global manufacturing and engineering services. See how we can take your complex project to the next level.

IoT Solutions

Benchmark offers comprehensive IoT solutions and services utilizing our engineering expertise, manufacturing legacy and trusted ecosystem partners. 


It’s cliché, yes, but tests are only as accurate as the equipment used to measure them. We engineer and manufacture dependable test and measurement equipment that produce consistent results.


Benchmark's RF/Wireless product experience spans our global footprint, creating options for a flexible supply chain tailored to customer needs. Lark's design process is model-centric and simulation-heavy, which addresses issues early, saving time and money when introducing new products.

Tackling complexity for the harshest environments.
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