The Next Industrial Revolution

Industrial electronics are more connected and more capable, leveraging sensors, precision electro-mechanical assemblies, edge computing, and other rapidly evolving technology. Whether your product is operating in a harsh environment or urban setting, you need to deliver feature-rich, reliable products on short product cycles.  To get your industry-leading products to market quickly, you need an experienced engineering and advanced manufacturing partner like Benchmark.

Customized Solutions To Meet Your Needs

Every customer and product is unique. That’s why we give you the flexibility to utilize our services to best support your business model. From joint development model engineering to Design for Excellence (DFX) reviews, we can either work independently or hand-in-hand with your team on a complete product or specific components. We address common technology challenges such as optimizing product packaging, adding connectivity, or developing tests to ensure product quality.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

At Benchmark, we’ve been collecting and leveraging data to monitor and improve our manufacturing processes since our start. Our proprietary systems offer an unmatched level of process control and component traceability. Our manufacturing locations host an experienced team of process engineers and adhere to a continuous process improvement culture using that rich data.

When repeatability and precision are paramount, Benchmark develops custom automation cells for system assembly. We can also optimize for flexible production, such as system builds of configurable products on a build-to-order basis.

Industry 4.0 Technology

The next generation of smart manufacturing is being built on billions of sensors, highly capable embedded electronics, and diverse connectivity solutions. Our experience with a wide array of technologies within the connected ecosystem allows us to overcome technological challenges on anything from a single embedded module to a full-system integration from sensor to cloud built on our Smart Gateway and IoT platforms.

Ouster Lidar Case Study

When a leading provider of high-resolution low-cost lidar sensors was ready to scale production, they turned to Benchmark.

Fluke II900 Camera Case Study

Developing complex technology for applications that require reliability and precision.

Proven Reliability

Benchmark is a true partner to high performance computing innovators, balancing innovative technology with decades of experience building to stringent standards and certifications. High Performance computing, like Quantum computing, can demand high-performance electronics, silicon photonics, free space optics, cryogenic solutions and RF systems that perform under extreme temperature and pressure constraints.

Advanced Capabilities

Engineering & Technology Solutions

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