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Benchmark Guadalajara is a high-volume facility specializing in PCB assembly and test, system build to order, and sensor integration. This site's competitive advantage is the offering we provide to U.S. customers looking at nearshore manufacturing with a range of options to meet their...



With over 20 years in the aerospace and defense industry, I am often amazed at the technologies embedded in the equipment used by our service members to defend our freedoms. Computing and connectivity are foundational to today's military operations. Most folks may not realize that almost none of...



Unnoticed by many of us, microscopic machines are powering the tools we use every day, from sensors that perceive and interpret the world around us to navigation and communication systems. Technologies we take for granted, like GPS navigation, which leverages radio receivers, are often augmented...


Miniaturization Microelectronics

The Benchmark Nashua site's street address is 100 Innovative Way. While we didn't pick the location based on the street name, we think it's pretty fitting, given our focus on manufacturing the most innovative products. Nashua is in southern New Hampshire and Benchmark's key facility on the East...


Medical Technologies NextGen Telco Complex Industrial Robotics

Developing technology for space is challenging. Developing technology for interplanetary space requires truly stratospheric skills. Here at Benchmark Lark Technology, we don't shy away from a challenge, and nothing flexes our technical muscles more than partnering with the NASA-Jet Propulsion...


Manufacturing RF & Miniaturization Benchmark Lark Technology

Virtual team meetings and conferences, even online happy hours, have replaced in-person business activities, and many experts say this will be the norm for years to come. As COVID-19 spread and the world went home to work, the development of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies...


Manufacturing Medical Technologies Complex Industrial Connected Devices

We’re living in an age where everything is connected and designated as “smart.” You likely have your smartphone connected to your doorbell, TV, refrigerator, thermostat, lighting, and your garage door. There’s also probably smart devices like Alexa or Google Home controlling many items in your...


Manufacturing NextGen Telco

The prevalence of consumables in medical device systems has risen dramatically in recent years due to advancements in medical technologies and how they diagnose, treat, or manage disease. As the costs of electronics manufacturing at volume have fallen, it has become feasible to incorporate...


Manufacturing Medical Technologies