A Seamless User Experience

Benchmark rapidly creates high-quality, innovative human-machine interaction (HMI) products and platforms through a blend of user experience, hardware, and software engineering. HMI consists of hardware and software that allow user inputs to be translated as signals for machines that, in turn, provide the required result to the user.

As machines move into every aspect of daily life, easy-to-use products that improve a user’s experience without causing frustration will continue to win in the marketplace.

When You Partner With US

You benefit from having access to a full range of services through an integrated, one-team approach. Our patent and award-winning industrial design experts and software engineers work within a shared space of advanced tools to stay aligned across disciplines and on track to deliver the best interface solution. We start by working with you to identify requirements and convene user groups to define how a product is used in real life. Then, we can design prototypes and test with actual sample end-users, ensuring we account for all potential user demographics. This up-front investment pays off in the form of a product your customers will love; the integrated structure allows us to bring your products to market faster, more cost-effectively, and with lower risk to you.

World-Class Capabilities
  • Human data analysis to understand user context and needs
  • Ability to design to medical, defense, and aerospace regulations
  • Prototyping for early and rapid testing and validation
  • User experience and ICON design
  • Android and Apple app design
  • Augmented reality solutions design, including HoloLens app development
  • Marketing visualizations and packaging design
  • Action-oriented, creative workshop sessions

Let's Innovate Together

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