Internet of Things

Internet of Things connects people to their surroundings. Whether at home or the office, on the factory floor, or in our vehicles; is an integral part of our lives. And Benchmark is at the forefront of adapting these technologies into current and future product offerings. 

Enabling technologies include inexpensive sensors, big data & cloud applications, RF communications including UWB, WiFi, MESH, ZigBee, NFC, Bluetooth, lower power components, battery technology and energy harvesting.

Let us help bring your Internet of Things innovation to reality.

Embedded Systems

You have a great idea — an innovation that has great market potential. You just need the technology to make it work. That’s where Benchmark comes in. We work behind the scenes, the code behind the code that brings your product to life.

Benchmark’s Software Development Team provides a wide range of development support, ranging from application and software drivers to testing and diagnostics for OEMs in the embedded application market. We can provide BIOS, firmware, BMC, application and driver support for a variety of operating systems.

Benchmark leverages relationships with leading CPU vendors to complement their software development capabilities. Our ISO9001-certified processes provide trace-ability and a disciplined design approach. Various tools and methods are used for bug and issue tracking, revision control, code reviews, code inspections and functional verification. Our goal is to meet customer requirements within their project schedules and budgets.


You need an integrated system to solve an assembly problem, improve production or help control resources. This is where Benchmark excels: providing automated assembly, testing and packaging solutions for large, industry-leading companies.

Our engineering expertise can deliver the best robotic solution for your application. We can create high-speed, high-precision systems to meet the most demanding of client challenges. Once this equipment has been designed and proven, we can also replicate it for you and install it in your factories, if desired.


Technology continues to evolve, getting smaller, lighter and more compact. The demands to increase capacity, power and versatility into your products is a daily challenge. Let us help.

Benchmark’s expertise in microelectronics assembly is ready to deliver solutions for your medical, industrial, defense or communications needs. Our extensive tool set, combined with our broad process development capability, provides a turnkey solution for the challenging demands of hybrid electronics assembly. From precision placement and active alignment of optical components to precision die placement for medical, we leverage our advanced engineering skills across multiple industries to provide optimized solutions for your unique needs.

RF & Wireless

Benchmark Electronics RF/Wireless product experience spans our global footprint, creating options for a flexible supply chain tailored to customer needs. Wireless design and test system development groups are co-located with manufacturing in major geographical regions. Our extensive resource base enables successful design transfers and new product introduction for easy transition to volume production.

Our design process is model-centric and simulation-heavy, which addresses issues early, saving time and money when introducing new products. We work closely with customers to determine requirements, both customer-defined and Benchmark-recommended. We select components and materials based on performance requirements; rigorous modeling and simulation analyze the options.


As a leading provider of optical design and manufacturing services, Benchmark can meet the optical market demands and give your products a competitive advantage in your key markets. Benchmark has been involved with the design, optimization and manufacturing of optical products for more than 20 years. Today, our commitment to optical technologies includes a significant investment in our core services: design, NPI, test, automation and manufacturing. These capabilities enable us to provide competitive solutions for the optical communications market — from LAN to long haul — in addition to other types of products incorporating optical components.


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