Are You Ready to Turn Your Idea into a Reality?

Benchmark’s proven approach to managing new product introduction is repeatable, scalable, and dependable. We believe in transparency and delivering on time. By staging checkpoints throughout your product’s lifecycle, we produce empirical evidence at each stage that appropriate actions are completed to ensure the quality and reliability of your product, program, or device.

From Initial Build to Full-Scale Production

Whether you bring a new product into initial production or transfer to a new location or geography, Benchmark’s project management processes proactively mitigate your risks and strategically plan the fastest path to market.

Our Disciplined Processes Deliver The Highest Quality.

At Benchmark, we tailor our NPI strategy to address your goals, incorporating strategies to proactively reduce your risks and strategically plan the quickest path to commercialization.

We execute this plan using a host of organizational and information-sharing tools:

  • Matrix Organization – Separate Program Management and Resource Teams
  • Enterprise-wide Daptiv™ Project Management System
  • Weekly Resource Allocation Meeting
  • Program Milestone and Deliverables Tracking
  • Extensive Templates and Forms
  • Agile Configuration Management
  • CATSWeb for Corrective / Preventative Action

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