Whether our customers are looking to introduce new products to the market or upgrade legacy products to add new capabilities, achieve cost requirements, or meet regulations, Benchmark offers end-to-end, comprehensive manufacturing services. Our broad set of capabilities and flexible approach allows us to be a trusted partner to customers in complex and regulated industries. 

Benchmark’s manufacturing facilities are strategically located throughout the globe, providing us with the ability to develop intimate relationships with our customers at the local level to solve complex challenges. We also leverage our global supply chain to manage materials and components, bringing products to market faster and more cost efficiently.   

Our manufacturing process is organized and managed under our data-driven, six-sigma approach. This allows us to guarantee high quality and reliability, maintain strict compliance to customer lead times and provide thorough and frequent communication.

Electronics Manufacturing

Benchmark is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of advanced electronics.


Benchmark is able to reimagine the whole foundation of electronic circuits by vertically integrating design skills, circuit technology, microelectronics and test capabilities.

Precision Machining

Benchmark's Precision Technologies provides extensive precision mechanical manufacturing capabilities — from components to assembly, to final module integration.

Lifecycle Management

Benchmark’s ability to institute supply chain solutions to manage product obsolescence provides our customers an edge.


Supply Chain Management

Effective supply chain management is critical when handling our customers’ innovations, since a faulty supply chain can increase lead times insurmountably.

Full System Integration

Benchmark excels at putting together all of the pieces that make our customers’ products a reality.

 Expert manufacturing teams strategically located around the globe.
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