Product Sustainability Services

Partnering for Sustainability

Meeting your sustainability goals efficiently requires evaluating every aspect of your operations—especially your product development, supply chain, and manufacturing operations. Benchmark offers Product Sustainability Services integrated across your products’ lifecycle to deliver measurable results, balanced with product features, quality, and time-to-market goals. Benchmark's advanced engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain expertise make us the perfect partner to integrate sustainability into your current products and product roadmaps.

Simplifying Sustainability

Benchmark is committed to sustainability, developing and following a rigorous ESG strategy to further build sustainable processes and operations across our global operations. Our Product Sustainability Services support your ESG journey by improving your products’ environmental impact across the product lifecycle. Leveraging Benchmark's Creative Workshop process to holistically evaluate your product and its supply chain, we work with you to develop a package of engineering, supply chain, and manufacturing process improvements. Together, we’ll develop an action plan that significantly impacts your overall sustainability footprint—all while supporting your bottom line with efficient, cost-effective implementation.

Flexible service packages to meet your sustainability goals:


This turnkey service is our most comprehensive package, using a third-party environmental impact report. Benchmark optimizes engineering, supply chain, and manufacturing activities based on the report to strategically address your total environmental impact.


If your goals prioritize reducing your carbon footprint, Benchmark will work with you to develop a strategy to reduce the carbon emissions tied to your product. We will create a scope of work to address carbon sources across the product lifecycle, from the supply chain to the device’s power consumption.


Embracing a circular economy mindset helps conserve finite resources and reduce the impact of potentially hazardous electronics waste. Benchmark works with you to extend the lifecycle of your product by making it easier to repair and refurbish existing products and more.

Designing for Sustainability

We draw from our broad engineering expertise to meet your diverse product sustainability goals. Our team of skilled engineers can help you:

  • decrease power consumption, including achieving Energy Star ratings
  • utilize recycled, recyclable, or biobased materials
  • provide software updates for cybersecurity and system maintenance that extend the life of your product
  • utilize modular design and end-user repairability strategies to improve serviceability, extending the product lifecycle and reducing waste
  • implement “low carbon” alternative components, subassemblies, and assemblies
Developing a Sustainable Supply Chain 

Our supply chain team can help you identify opportunities to reduce the overall environmental impacts of the components used in your products.  We can optimize the Green House Gas (GHG) footprint of product packaging and shipping logistics. Our Product Sustainability Services help you:

  • implement reuseable product packaging to reduce packaging cost and environmental impact
  • incorporate refurbished components and subassemblies to reduce product carbon footprint and cost
  • identify sustainable sources of raw materials and components, and seamlessly scale to volume production
  • build relationships with suppliers to reduce environmental impact throughout the value chain
  • partner with your sourcing team to create sustainable distribution solutions, advancing toward net-zero goals
Optimizing Manufacturing and Lifecycle Management

How your product is manufactured can have a significant impact on your overall GHG emissions. Leveraging repair and refurbishment services reduces waste by giving new life to obsolete or end-of-life products. Repair and refurbishment can support your bottom line by keeping products in the field, generating service and subscription revenue, and reducing manufacturing costs.

Our skilled technicians evaluate, repair, and refurbish your products to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and functionality. Within the manufacturing and aftermarket phases of your product's life, we help you:

  • optimize the product and supply chain design for circularity
  • realize new sources of revenue from existing products
  • reduce product obsolescence by extending your product lifespan
  • reduce or eliminate landfill waste

Why Benchmark?

We are committed to helping our customers meet their sustainability goals while improving efficiency and reducing costs. We offer easy-to-access service packages—including turnkey solutions—to make incorporating sustainability commitments into your product roadmap quick, low-hassle, and cost-effective. As an existing manufacturing partner with in-depth knowledge of customer products, Benchmark uniquely understands the importance of incorporating sustainable practices into every aspect of the product lifecycle. Our broad engineering services cover multiple aspects of sustainability, and our expertise allows us to help you quickly improve your design’s sustainability profile, providing superior value. Partner with Benchmark to incorporate changes into the product roadmap. Rest assured that we will work with you every step of the way to create sustainable products that reduce your environmental impact while benefiting your business.

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