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Product design doesn’t end when production starts. Benchmark sustaining engineering ensures continuous improvement and efficient resolution of any challenges that arise after launch. Our sustaining engineering services are customized to meet each customer’s unique needs. The Benchmark team works alongside your in-house engineering staff to address specific challenges or provide complete sustaining engineering services for you. We integrate our engineering and production teams to keep your project on track.

Benefits Of Sustaining Engineering
  • Keep your products current with regulatory requirements and technology upgrades.
  • Resolve any product design problems discovered after launch.
  • Supplement your engineering team or provide full services.
Services Includes:
  • UL revision or other regulatory revision
  • Component engineering analysis, including periodic bill of materials (BOM) review for compliance with regulatory changes
  • Test development and test functionality updates for product design updates
  • Manufacturing procedure revisions for product updates
  • Code review for embedded software in existing products
  • Product debug to address issues discovered in the field
  • Product gap analysis
  • Configuration management and update management
  • Molds and stencils updates
  • RoHS compliance annual reviews
  • Production equipment calibration

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