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Automation & Test Design

However complex, benchmark has the expertise

Benchmark is a leader in delivering high quality, turnkey automation and test solutions. No matter how complex a solution may be, Benchmark has the expertise to make process automation, test automation and development work.

We provide additional value through our proven process. We start with standard, templated systems that give us a head start. We review customer’s concepts, define the direction, implement the design, build, verify, and validate, before we release products for production. Whether it’s strictly adhering to an ISO 9001 quality management system, or Quality System Regulations (QSRs) for medical devices, Benchmark excels at paying close attention to detail.

Process Automation 

Process automation can help our customers increase speed, efficiency and accuracy while driving down operating costs. That’s why Benchmark has spent years perfecting our process and technology infrastructure to provide complex process automation solutions. Our expert teams work diligently to provide customers with consistent quality that’s both cost-effective and highly reliable.

Our automation capabilities include:

  • Industrial Automation Equipment
  • Complete Line Integration
  • Precision Component Assembly
  • High Speed Packaging
  • Automated Inspection
  • Standard Precision Assembly Cell
  • Micro Adhesive Dispensing
  • Vision and Laser System Integration
  • Design for Class 10 Clean Environments
  • Automated Data Collection
  • International Installation and Support

Test Automation

Benchmark’s team of developers have more than 25 years of experience implementing automated test systems for process assembly and testing tools. Whether a customer needs a fully automated or semi-automated test system, Benchmark handles the entire process. We’re the only provider that can do the design, engineering and manufacturing—all at one of our many global locations. Our automation capabilities include test instrumentation, high speed material handling and test assembly tolerances of up to five microns.

Test Development 

Extensive product testing plays a large role in the manufacturing process. Benchmark engineers its solutions to ensure products are both easily testable and scalable, allowing them to go to market faster. We can implement test programs created by our customers, or develop a complete manufacturing-ready test solution at the device, board or sub-assembly level from scratch.

Our test capabilities include:

  • Functional Testing of Complete Systems
  • Environmental Testing to Include Vibration, Thermal Cycling
  • Functional Verification Testing
  • In-Circuit Testing
  • RF Testing
  • Optical Testing
  • High Power System Testing
  • Specialized Functional Testing
High quality, turnkey automation and test solutions.
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