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We Rewrote the Rules for SWaP Optimization

Benchmark uses a variety of strategies to help customers like you overcome size, weight, and power challenges. No matter which tools we use, the outcome is the same: a product optimized for how it will be used, not limited by the electronics it contains.

Our engineering toolkit includes methods for reducing the size of electronics, allowing us to select the best approach to reach your miniaturization goals. Using advanced manufacturing techniques, we expand available design options by enabling narrower circuit lines and spaces, repartitioning printed circuit boards to combine analog and digital functionality, and flexible substrates for thinner multi-layer boards.

Our electrical and mechanical engineers work to ensure the electronics fit within that form factor. We design for size and manufacturability, ensuring that the transition from design to manufacturing is seamless. Our complete lifecycle management services support your product even after manufacturing and innovation for the next version.

Miniaturization Capabilities
  • Very high density interconnect (VHDI) circuits with 25-micron lines and traces in boards of 10+ layers
  • Liquid crystal polymer (LCP) VDHI circuits that are flexible and near-hermetically sealed
  • Solutions for a wide range of RF frequencies without crosstalk
  • Hybrid micro-e and SMT assemblies
  • Design for optimal size, form, and manufacturing

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Benchmark helped our partner manufacture a groundbreaking miniaturized design.


Advanced circuit fabrication techniques create filters that perform up to 40GHz.


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