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Circuit features shrink with increasing frequencies, requiring designers of printed circuit boards (PCBs) to be creative at millimeter wave frequencies. Manufacturing PCBs with such minute transmission lines and circuit characteristics is also challenging. However, the demand for millimeter wave...


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Automation in manufacturing systems leads to optimized operations, improved repeatability, and reduced errors. The key is to simplify flexible automated solutions to address specific challenges. As processes evolve, modular solutions ensure that the benefits of automation grow over time.


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Smarter electronic devices are tackling greater workloads and more complex tasks with the aid of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI analyzes data to recognize patterns and anomalies, helping us make more informed decisions based on data analysis. Just as advances in the quality and...


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Antennas are critical components for wireless communications networks, as many have learned for Fifth Generation (5G) systems, and they will be just as important when those systems morph into the Sixth Generation (6G). A number of leading OEMs have developed many innovative antenna designs for 5G,...


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Welcome to our blog series on Benchmark’s Centers of Excellence. Our Centers of Excellence represent locations within our worldwide network that have critical skills, knowledge, resources, training, and certifications surrounding a key technology area or technical competency. This blog series...


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The Benchmark Site Profile is an ongoing blog feature highlighting our manufacturing and engineering teams located around the world. This blog features the manufacturing team from Tijuana, Mexico.


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Minnesota, known as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes", is less well known for the vital role it played in the evolution of High-Performance Computing (HPC). Although the region has been instrumental in shaping computer hardware and software, it has often been overlooked since Minnesota's early computer...


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As the world welcomes Fifth Generation (5G) wireless networks and technology, the engineers at Benchmark are readying for what lies ahead in Sixth Generation (6G) networks. In a new article, “Sixth Generation Networks Push New Boundaries”, appearing in the digital editions of Electronic Design and ...


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The United States is making historic investments in domestic infrastructure, defense technology, and clean energy programs that create once-in-a-generation business opportunities for companies throughout the world. As a condition of participating in these programs, the Government is challenging...


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Benchmark at IMS 2023

June 22, 2023

This year, the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) held their flagship event from June 11 – 16 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. The week was packed with technical lectures, bootcamps, interactive forums, exhibits, and showcases featuring well over 500 exhibiting...


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To say that wireless devices are ubiquitous in our society today would be a vast understatement. In fact, sometimes it seems like wire is only used today for fencing livestock and stringing guitars. The same is true for the use of wire for communications and connectivity—it is diminishing rapidly.


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Although the defense industry is still the largest and most mature market for drone sales worldwide, recreational and consumer drones are growing in popularity. In fact, according to Goldman Sachs Research, there were approximately 8 million consumer drone global shipments in 2020 amounting to...


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