Your Partner From Concept To Production

We expedite your project's launch by combining your product management, engineering, and supply chain teams with our specialized engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain expertise. Our Creative Workshops offer several benefits, including:

  • Clarification of product requirements
  • Enhancement of solution ideation and conceptualization
  • Cost reduction and value augmentation
  • Product, process, and production risk reduction
  • Acceleration of the product development schedule 
What to Expect?

During our Creative Workshop sessions, customers can expect an unparalleled collaborative experience guided by our team of experts and seasoned facilitators. We go beyond the ordinary design-thinking activities to deliver actionable outcomes. With a focus on balancing value and cost considerations, we’ve honed a methodology that has been rigorously tested and refined by an expanding roster of satisfied customers. Whether you’re in the early stages of innovation, seeking to accelerate development while reducing costs, preparing for a product launch, or looking to breathe new life into a mature product, we have a workshop designed just for you.

Some of our popular workshops include:

  • Product Ideation 
  • Development Kickoff 
  • Smart Industrialization 
  • Total Environmental Impact (TEP) Reduction 
  • Value Engineering
  • Product Revitalization 
  • Product Longevity 
  • Strategic Roadmap 

Don’t see a workshop you’re interested in? Reach out to our team to chat about your unique needs! Read all about How Creative Workshops Drive Successful Product Development

Case Studies

Customer Experience: Fluke ii900 Workshop

This workshop had a few clear objectives—define the scope, create a development plan and timeline, and tackle potential project challenges. Both the customer and Benchmark teams swiftly initiated the productization and industrialization process, with teams organized by expertise (including software, hardware, mechanical, and production). We collaborated effectively through a product dashboard to ensure full project success.

Abionic Workshop

During a two-day intensive workshop, Abionic’s Chief Technical Officer and lead engineers collaborated closely with Benchmark’s engineering team to create a proof-of-concept design. Benchmark’s primary goal was to significantly reduce the measurement time for the customer’s product. This collaborative effort paved the way for a successful product development process, culminating in a successful launch and into full production.

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