Supply Chain Management

Flexibility To Meet Your Cost And Delivery Goals

A robust supply chain can manage lead times and keep production on track while meeting your cost targets. Benchmark mitigates supply continuity concerns through our data-driven systems to manage materials effectively. Our programs are designed to minimize costs and support customer requirements using the most advanced planning and tracking tools in the industry to guarantee the quality of your deliverables.

Comprehensive Services

As a customer, you will have a close relationship with the team working on your products at the site level and have access to our strategic, worldwide support network. Our global and regional teams work together to provide our customers with the following services:

  • Volume leverage
  • Global strategic sourcing
  • Component engineering
  • Global and regional supplier agreements
  • Supplier audits and risk analysis
  • Market updates, trend analysis, and commodity reports
  • Advanced planning tools and analytics
  • Logistics and transportation solutions
Supply Contuinity

To combat the challenges of forecasting demand, we work with our customers and our suppliers to implement supply chain solutions while considering alternate sources. Benchmark can react quickly in our global search for components with all of our customers across the world.

Data-Driven Supply Chain Approach

Benchmark’s data-driven global supply chain combines best-in-class practices and proprietary tools to optimize customer’s value streams and stay ahead of potential issues. Our manufacturing sites are connected through a common Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which provides a full global view of our customers’ entire supply chain. By implementing highly customized software platforms that are integrated into every facet of our supply chain network, we’re able to identify efficiencies and deliver maximum value.

A Global Network Of Support

In addition to our global facilities, Benchmark has international procurement offices located in Singapore and Malaysia. These procurement facilities leverage our global network of suppliers to uncover the best value for our customers purchasing through Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Benchmark’s global and regional commodity managers also work with their peers worldwide to find the best quality materials at the lowest total cost of ownership.

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