The Future Of Communications

The next generation of communications solutions is changing how the world communicates, from greater broadband connectivity outside of urban areas to 5G wireless infrastructure and smart cities. Benchmark has the product development and manufacturing processes to get RF and mixed technology products to market faster, whether you need a fully customized solution or a partner to support your internal capabilities. 

Benchmark has experience across the product spectrum—and the RF spectrum—to help you achieve successful product designs and deliver products to your customers on schedule, from satellites and ground access terminals to cellular infrastructure.

From Design To Full-Scale Production

Benchmark’s global network of sites comprehensive technology capabilities and unique in-house access to design, engineering, and manufacturing offer unparalleled support for all of your telecommunication system needs. Our start-to-finish model ensures that every product, program, or device we make is robust, reliable, and ready for the marketplace. We support your technological innovations by ensuring designs and finished products meet FCC, UL, and IEC regulatory requirements as well as performance and cost goals.

Flexibility When You Need It

We understand your need for flexibility and speed to meet the many requirements of your infrastructure customers. As your innovative partner, we can deliver fully customized solutions from concept to market or work alongside your internal teams in a joint development manufacturing effort. Benchmark also works with you for low-volume initial production runs on promising technologies and scales at your success rate with our global network. Because of our vertically integrated service offerings, we can address short product development cycles for complex mixed-technology systems and diagnose and remedy manufacturing issues along the way to keep production on track.

Let's Innovate Together

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