Arming Antennas for Transition to 6G

by Benchmark / October 20, 2023

Antennas are critical components for wireless communications networks, as many have learned for Fifth Generation (5G) systems, and they will be just as important when those systems morph into the Sixth Generation (6G). A number of leading OEMs have developed many innovative antenna designs for 5G, but they are also preparing antenna solutions for 6G. While Internet of Things (IoT) sensors are already ubiquitous, potentially trillions of wirelessly connected devices will be linked together at millimeter wave frequencies to leverage improved speed and bandwidth. To help 5G and 6G system integrators, Benchmark’s Hank Ly explains the relationship of antenna mechanical design to electrical performance in the educational article, “Antenna Design Needs Optimization for 6G Systems”, in the latest issue of Design News.

While 5G may seem like a work in progress to many, it is already running out of wireless bandwidth. Applications such as streaming video and large data files are gobbling up 5G bandwidth and creating a growing need for the addition of 6G networks and technology, including electrically sound but mechanically robust miniature antennas. IoT devices will be everywhere as part of 5G networks and soon on 6G networks, making antennas starting points for many 6G system integrators. Antennas must fit tight spaces but also meet demanding specifications, and this article offers invaluable insights into antenna design for 6G. 

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