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Microelectronics Expertise

Benchmark knows there’s no room for error when it comes to microelectronics assembly. That’s why we’ve built our global microelectronics capabilities around not only the most advanced production tools, but also highly experienced teams with deep knowledge of specific microelectronics applications, process design automation and advanced test procedures. The result is reliable, high-tech manufacturing and engineering solutions for aerospace, defense, telecommunications, high-performance computing, complex industrial and medical applications. 

Microelectronics assembly is a diverse topic that can cover many different customer needs depending on industry and product, so we have optimized each of our three microelectronics production facilities to suit different microelectronics requirement sets. All three Benchmark sites offer modern microelectronics assembly with high precision automated attachment and bonding processes. Benchmark combines our expertise in microelectronics with complete product lifecycle management, from product design through assembly to supply chain to aftermarket services. 

Benchmark’s Minnesota microelectronics site combines the Minnesota Design Center of Innovation’s years of experience in medical device engineering and optics engineering to design and build cutting-edge medical, telecommunications and defense microelectronics products. The site is ITAR-registered and has extensive test and process development capabilities, as well as on-site SMT capabilities for complete system production. 

Benchmark Lark Technology in Phoenix, Arizona combines advanced microelectronic assembly capabilities with VHDI circuit fabrication, notably including design engineering and fabrication of 3-dimensional heterogeneous integration (3DHI) structures that can solve challenging RF and SWaP challenges for aerospace, defense, telecommunications, computing and medical applications. The site is ITAR-registered and offers on-site SMT for complete system production from one partner. 

Benchmark’s microelectronics site in Thailand offers higher volume production capabilities, specializing in customized automated processing to achieve optimal cost and production volume goals. With extensive additional manufacturing capabilities including SMT on-site, Benchmark Thailand provides complete system services for telecommunications, computing, medical and complex industrial microelectronics products. 

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