Advanced Computing

Enabling Tomorrow's Technology Today

In the quest for superior high-performance computing, data speeds have reached the limitations of existing technology, requiring new systems that leverage optics and high-speed circuits to make gains. As data storage needs grow exponentially, data center architectures and technologies need to evolve equally rapidly. Benchmark combines engineering and manufacturing expertise with a focus on emerging technology to provide solutions, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible alongside innovators like you to develop cutting-edge computing technologies of the future.

From Design To Full-Scale Production

Benchmark is an engineering and manufacturing partner for multiple systems on the Top 500 list. We bring our diverse portfolio of expertise with challenging technologies and unique capabilities to offer unparalleled support for all of your high-performance computing needs. We've invested in fiber optics test and assembly to give you the advanced manufacturing processes necessary to make designs a reality.

Flexibility When You Need It

As a trusted partner, we understand your need for flexibility as you develop competitively differentiated computing solutions. Benchmark can work with you to launch at initial production rate volumes for promising technologies and scale production at the rate of your success. Because we can work with you from concept to market, we can meet short product development cycles, diagnose and remedy manufacturing issues, and optimize complex mixed-technology systems. We also have the flexibility to work alongside our partners in joint development manufacturing efforts, engaging as little or as much as you need to ensure the success of your computing program.

Let's Innovate Together

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