Microelectronics and Surface Mount Technology.

Mixed technology modules are a key tool for achieving SWaP goals in high-reliability systems. Benchmark makes bringing these designs to reality easy and efficient by combining highly-capable microelectronics and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly in one location.

We designed our facility for the rapid development and production of mixed and hybrid systems. For example, both our microelectronics and SMT lines offer flip-chip capabilities, allowing us to optimize for precision or speed as the application demands. You can select the best component for your system without the trade-offs of sending boards between multiple service providers or facilities.

  • Precision micro-e solutions can combine technologies: analog, digital, RF, and mmWave
  • Electronic circuits and assemblies built to meet or exceed SWaP requirements.
  • Fast turnaround from design to full-scale production, improving time to market

  • Automated SMT and microelectronic assembly for repeatable, precise assembly up to mmWave frequencies
  • Automated RF testing of all products available; custom testing according to mechanical and electrical requirements
  • Assembly with leaded or lead-free (RoHS-compliant) solder processes and components
  • Precision die-bonding with several methods, including conductive adhesive, gold-tin eutectic, and gold ultrasonic attachment
  • Manual or automated ball and wedge wire bonding, ribbon bonding, and encapsulation
  • 3D x-ray analysis, laser, and ultrasonic microscopes, and electrical testing past 110 GHz

RF and High-Speed Design Center of Innovation

Benchmark provides the capabilities to design and manufacture micro-e and SMT solutions that are practical and thoroughly tested for high reliability, supporting high-speed digital, RF, microwave, mmWave, optical, and mixed-signal circuits. Benchmark’s engineers have the experience to apply proven micro-e and SMT processes in a fully clean-room environment to meet challenging requirements for aerospacedefense, and industrial applications.