About Us

Our Values

Customer Focus

  • Focus on the Needs of our Customers
  • Be in the Marketplace as Active Learners and Listeners
  • Have a Global View
  • Drive Improvement in Execution Every Day
  • Be Constructively Inquisitive

Working Smart

  • Act with Urgency
  • Improve What Matters by Investing Time Wisely
  • Have the Courage to Change Course When Needed
  • Remain Dissatisfied with Status Quo
  • Work Efficiently

Acting Like an Owner

  • Be Accountable for our Actions and Inactions
  • Focus on Building Value
  • Empower and Reward our People for Taking Risks and Finding Better Ways to Solve Problems
  • Continuously Learn -- From Both our Successes and Failures

Our Mission

At Benchmark, our mission is to be the solutions provider of choice for high technology OEM customers, anticipating their needs and rapidly delivering comprehensive value-creation solutions during the entire Product Life Cycle by providing:

Our mission is based on a foundation of financial strength, managerial integrity and a culture of operational excellence and continuous improvement.

Our Vision

At Benchmark, our vision is to create superior value for our customers, employees and shareholders. Our vision directs our business activities to maintain a tenacious pursuit of excellence with a focus on what we must accomplish to continue on the path of sustainable, quality growth.

Superior Team
Be a great place to work which inspires the best in our teams.

Total Customer Solutions
Be the provider that goes beyond satisfying our customer needs with solutions that anticipate their requirements.

Social Responsibility
Promote environmentally and socially sound fundamentals in our business practices.

Shareholder Value
Maximize our long-term return to share owners while maintaining the highest integrity in all our activities.

To achieve this vision, Benchmark selected these objectives:

  • Customer Satisfaction – Improve Customer Satisfaction Rating and Net Promotor Score
  • Product Quality – Reduce Internal Defect Rates and Scrap Rates, Improve Customer Return Rate
  • Management Systems and Continuous Improvement – Improve Key Performance Indicators in Alignment with Corporate Strategic Goals and Objectives, Improve the Operational Excellence Site Score, Adhere to the Site Internal Audit Schedule
  • Certification and Regulatory Compliance – Maintain Management System Certifications, Zero Regulatory Violations
  • Resources – Increase Personnel Competency Through Training
  • Energy Consumption – Reduce Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Management of Waste – Increase the Percentage of Recycled vs. Non-recycled Waste
  • Management of Water Consumption – Improve Efficiency of Water Consumption
  • Accidents and Illnesses – Reduce Reportable Accidents and Illnesses, Lost Work Time, and Costs Associated With Accidents and Illnesses
Let Benchmark's mission help your mission. 
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