Solutions That Exceed Expectations

Our goal is to develop high-quality mechanical solutions that make your product reliable, manufacturable, and successful in the marketplace. Benchmark’s design engineers specialize in rugged enclosures and electro-mechanical assemblies, effectively translating requirements into highly manufacturable designs. From the initial concept to the finished product, Benchmark helps customers like you develop custom solutions that work seamlessly with the rest of your product design. We have the expertise to bring your mechanical designs to life.

Electro-Mechanical Design

Benchmark’s industrial, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering disciplines are tightly integrated for designing highly specialized electro-mechanical systems. No matter how complex of a build you require, Benchmark can design and deliver a complete solution.

Advanced Capabilities
  • SLA, RTV, and appearance models
  • Mechatronics applications
  • Precision alignment
  • MEMS devices
  • Actuators
  • Control systems
  • Resonant systems
  • Stepper and servo design
  • Advanced fluidics design and analysis
  • Electro-mechanical kiosks
  • Thermal analysis – flow simulation
  • FEA – simulation

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