Sixth-Generation Networks — Pushing New Boundaries

by Hank Ly / August 10, 2023

As the world welcomes Fifth Generation (5G) wireless networks and technology, the engineers at Benchmark are readying for what lies ahead in Sixth Generation (6G) networks. In a new article, “Sixth Generation Networks Push New Boundaries”, appearing in the digital editions of Electronic Design and Microwaves & RF magazines, Benchmark Business Development Executive Hank Ly explains why the need for 6G networks is growing rapidly. The article explores the evolution of 5G wireless technology into 6G networks and systems. It also provides insight into some of the design and performance parameters that will be required in 6G devices and infrastructure to successfully expand worldwide wireless services to the greatest number of users.  

Benchmark’s engineers have spent enough time with 5G devices and systems to understand the coming requirements for 6G systems — for example, in 6G’s heavy reliance on satellite communications (satcom) and wireless links with low-Earth-orbit satellites (LEOS). They are preparing for the smaller, lighter wireless components that will be needed at millimeter-wave frequencies for 6G, as well as proven methods for testing these components and systems. 

Don’t miss this content nor your chance to learn more about 6G and how Benchmark intends to help support the establishment of effective, efficient 6G networks!

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Hank Ly

Hank Ly is a Business Development Executive for Benchmark serving the next-gen telecommunications and high-performance computing sector for the past six years. He helps identify the optimal service offering to match a customer's current and future product roadmaps. His major focus area is connectivity products.

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