High Frequency Microwave Design

The design engineers at Benchmark bring considerable experience and expertise in developing circuits and systems for the traditional 2-to-18-GHz microwave frequency range and beyond. Benchmark's engineers can provide custom designs that meet specific demands and are screened to the most rigorous MIL-SPEC requirements to deliver the kinds of reliable performance over time and temperature needed for critical mission requirements.

Size, weight, and power (SWaP) optimization for:

  • Electronic warfare (EW)
  • Electronic countermeasures (ECM)
  • Electronic intelligence (ELINT)
  • Signal intelligence (SIGINT) systems
Designing, Building, and Testing Systems up to 110 GHz

Benchmark engineers work as part of our customer's team to design and refine high-frequency systems from the circuit through the sub-system level. Our circuit designers understand the details of developing circuits at audio through mmWave frequencies that provide high performance and reliability but are also practical and meet challenging requirements in competitive marketplaces. Circuits are qualified by extensive, high-quality testing from DC through 110 GHz.

Flexible Engagement Model

Our flexible engagement model lets our customers leverage our engineering expertise as much or as little as they need. Need additional engineering talent to complete a new product design on time? We can work alongside you in a joint development model. Prefer to do the design yourself, but leave mmWave test development to us? We can do that. We work with you to understand your needs now and into the future so that you can consistently be first to market with the best products possible.

mmWave Design Applications

With the increasing use of mmWave signals in such rapidly emerging applications as vehicular collision-avoidance radars and fifth-generation (5G) cellular wireless communications, the need for mmWave circuits and assemblies is steadily increasing, and Benchmark's engineering teams can help. Armed with the latest computer-aided-engineering (CAE) software design tools and equipped with the industry's top mmWave measurement equipment, Benchmark's engineers can create the levels of integration needed to combine audio, video, RF/microwave, digital, and mmWave signals within a compact, multilayer PCBs that fit tight spaces, save power and last a lifetime.

  • Circuit simulations using the latest CAE tools
  • Signal generation and analysis to 110 GHz
  • Design and test of multilayer circuits
  • Circuits designed to meet FCC requirements for RF emissions

We Achieve Results
  • Meeting SWaP requirements for circuits and assemblies
  • Overcoming common high-frequency technical challenges such as spurious signals and cavity resonance
  • Form-fit replacements for EW, ECM, and other specialized circuit boards
  • Rapid iteration and development, from design to production stages, within one facility

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