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Benchmark offers comprehensive connected device design, engineering and manufacturing services that accelerate rapid prototypes of custom solutions and ensure successful manufacturing and production.  Leveraging our broad engineering expertise, we can create custom solutions to complex problems in the medical, industrial, defense, surveillance and smart city markets. Whether you need a unique device to collect sensor data to drive cutting-edge analytics or want to add connectivity and computing capabilities to an existing product, Benchmark develops a solution that balances the complex set of considerations for connected devices, from usability to security, and even edge processing and analytics.

Optimizing the architecture of a connected device to capture and transmit quality, relevant data is complex and requires specialized design and engineering skills. When customers partner with Benchmark, they get a customized connected device optimized for their use case. Benchmark underpins custom designs with robust technology platforms, reducing development time of connected devices and sensor networks. Our global manufacturing footprint allows us to seamlessly scale production of a specific solution.

EDGE AND embedded GATEWAY PLATFORMS FOR rapid prototypes of custom solutions

Benchmark underpins custom connected devices with our own versatile technology platforms to give customers the benefits of a custom solution in a fraction of the time.

Ultra-precise location tracking platform

  • Platform includes embedded software for sensor fusion, data management and data delivery to nearly any cloud platform
  • Precise location tracking within ~10cm, even in a GPS-denied environment
  • Easily customized to support SwaP and connectivity requirements
  • Customizable with 300+ sensor types for location, environment and condition sensing, perfect for logistics, high-value inventory tracking, worker safety, regulatory reporting and many other use cases

Powerful, versatile gateway platform

  • Powerful processing capability for edge computing applications, including edge analytics and local control systems
  • Embedded Linux software platform for integration with other open source code for maximum flexibility and functionality
  • Customizable with multiple connectivity options including LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or others in a wide variety of combinations
  • Cloud agnostic platform for connectivity to nearly any public or private cloud
  • Secure with end-to-end data encryption
Smart Gateway Case Study

Smart Gateway Delivers Intelligence and Scalability at the IoT Edge

Considerations for IoT Roadmaps in the 5G Era

White paper on choosing a connectivity type and strategies for de-risking the transition to 5G.



Benchmark’s expertise in developing connected devices for the industrial, healthcare, aerospace  and defense industries allows us to deliver leading solutions for highly specific and complex use cases. We design sensor networks and connected devices that facilitate regulatory compliance, risk reduction, precision asset tracking, loss prevention and more in each of these key industries. Benchmark has extensive experience with a wide range of sensor types that can be integrated in any way a customer needs for impactful analytics. 


connected MEDICAL

Benchmark has the unique skill set required for FDA or ISO 13485 approved connected medical for clinical or home use. With deep expertise in fluidics, optics, medical imaging and many other medical device capabilities, Benchmark can take on the most complex medical device engineering challenges. Benchmark creates secure links for the transfer of encrypted data from medical devices to smartphones or gateways and partners with industry leaders for HIPAA-compliant data transfers. For companies looking for complete connected medical product lifecycle management, including regulatory approvals, full-service solutions are available.



  • Fully Qualified Products Developed from Initial Concepts
  • Secure Sensor Mesh Networks for Wide Area Coverage at Scale
  • Connected devices including Ruggedized Gateways
  • Customizable Application-Specific Sensor Arrays
  • Integrated Precision Location Tracking Capability to ~10cm Accuracy
  • Surveillance Solutions Integrated with Public Infrastructure and Smart Cities
  • Low Power Designs Optimized for Remote Battery Operation
  • Accurate, Real-Time Location Sensing and Condition Monitoring
  • HIPAA and ITAR Compliant Medical and Defense Solutions

Technological Expertise

Turning your products into optimal IoT edge solutions.
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