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Benchmark offers comprehensive connected device design, engineering, and manufacturing services that accelerate the development of custom solutions and ensure successful manufacturing and production. Benchmark can leverage our global expertise to develop a solution that balances the complex set of considerations for connected device technology.

Advanced IOT Capabilities
  • Secure sensor mesh networks for comprehensive area coverage at scale
  • Customizable application-specific sensor arrays
  • Surveillance solutions integrated with public infrastructure and smart cities
  • Low power designs optimized for remote battery operation
  • HL7 medical protocol and secure defense solutions
Sensor Integration & Gateway Platforms

With Benchmark, you can create completely custom devices or leverage our versatile sensor integration and gateway technology platforms to give your organization the benefits of a custom solution in a fraction of the time. You have the option to combine customs designs with proven technology platforms to reduce development time. Our global manufacturing footprint allows us to scale production seamlessly.

Ultra-Precise Location Tracking Platform
  • Embedded software for sensor fusion to nearly any cloud platform

  • Precise location tracking within ~10cm, even in a GPS-denied environment

  • Easily customized to support SWaP requirements

  • Customizable with over 300 intelligent sensor types

Versatile Edge Computing Gateway
  • Powerful processing capability 
  • Embedded Linux software platform for maximum flexibility and functionality
  • Customizable with multiple connectivity options
  • End-to-end data encryption

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