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The Benchmark Site Profile is an ongoing blog feature highlighting our manufacturing and engineering teams located around the world. This blog features the manufacturing team from Tijuana, Mexico.


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The United States is making historic investments in domestic infrastructure, defense technology, and clean energy programs that create once-in-a-generation business opportunities for companies throughout the world. As a condition of participating in these programs, the Government is challenging...


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On Friday, June 23, Benchmark celebrated the much-anticipated Grand Reopening of its engineering and manufacturing facility in Almelo, the Netherlands. While the facility was never closed during the renovations, we’re calling it a Grand Reopening due to a complete revitalization of the facility...


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To say that wireless devices are ubiquitous in our society today would be a vast understatement. In fact, sometimes it seems like wire is only used today for fencing livestock and stringing guitars. The same is true for the use of wire for communications and connectivity—it is diminishing rapidly.


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“Vertical integration is the business arrangement in which a company controls different stages along the supply chain. Instead of relying on external suppliers, the company strives to bring processes in-house to have better control over the production process. Though vertical integration may result...


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2023 marks the 53rd year of celebrating Earth Day, although the annual observance didn’t become a global affair until 1990. “Today, Earth Day is widely recognized as the largest secular observance in the world, marked by more than a billion people every year as a day of action to change human...


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The field of mechatronics has become integral across all industries, from industrial automation and the medical industry to the gaming industry, satellite communication and more. As a multi-faceted and interdisciplinary branch of engineering, mechatronics combines mechanical, electrical, computer,...


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Heavy Equipment Companies Are Going Green

Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) and sustainability initiatives are no longer buzzwords with little-to-no substance. Once tucked behind their line item on the boardroom agenda or at the bottom of financial reports, these initiatives are...


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Three Key Complex Industrial Trends in 2023

As we move into 2023, enterprises in the complex industrial sector face several challenges while striving to create effective growth strategies. We’ve identified three key interconnected trends within the complex industrial market that will affect the...



Capitalizing on Funding by Meeting Regulations


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To meet today’s climate goals, high power electric vehicle (EV) charging stations require balancing safety at high voltage, reliability in all weather conditions, and energy efficiency. For this reason, several companies are re-engineering the idea of EV chargers and how they fit into our current...


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As a contract manufacturer working on some of the most complex and/or critical technology in the world, Benchmark is always honored to receive an award from our customers for excellence in helping meet the demands of the marketplace. On that note, we were very proud to be named the 2022 Supply and...


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