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Committed to Superior Reliability

With more than 30 years of experience building and designing systems for the U.S. military, Benchmark’s technology and build capabilities are designed to excel in ever-changing battlefield environments. Benchmark technology, design assistance, rapid prototyping, and automated test and advanced manufacturing capabilities, enable our customers to enter the market ahead of the competition with high-technology, high-reliability products. We help customers with solutions that are focused on market requirements such as being smaller, lighter, using less power and the least cost.

Benchmark offers specialized defense technology solutions from Benchmark Secure Technology and Benchmark Lark Technology. Benchmark Secure Technology specializes is the design, manufacture and after-market support of integrated defense systems. Our partners trust us to design, engineer and build high-availability ruggedized air, ground vehicle, soldier-worn and naval systems that overcome their toughest challenges. Benchmark Lark Technology specializes in high-performance circuit design and fabrication, with RF capabilities up to 110 GHz.

Enabling Tomorrow’s Technology Today

We excel at overcoming the most complex challenges. With our continued investment in a portfolio of advanced technologies and build capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to support the defense market. Our strategically located network of U.S. facilities provide full control over lifecycle management with in-house design, engineering, test and manufacturing capabilities, enabling a quicker time to market at lower costs. 

Benchmark holds and maintains key security and regulatory compliance certifications to ensure we meet every requirement of our defense customers down to the most precise details.

Certifications include:

  • AS9100
  • FAA-approved Parts Manufacture
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ITAR-registered
  • Nadcap-accredited
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C4ISR Systems - Developing Key Components

Maintaining our technological edge in C4ISR is vital, whether we’re designing systems that sustain situational awareness and intelligence on the battlefield or developing key components for the surveillance framework of border patrol agents. At Benchmark, we excel at delivering advanced C4ISR systems, enabling our customers to offer systems that connect and inform across all mission domains. When it Matters, Benchmark is there.

We design display, imaging and communications systems integral to the operation and safety of technologically advanced systems. We can integrate multiple communications and data protocols,  including IP radio, intercom audio, Wi-Fi devices, or serial devices. We have experience building data bus and networking equipment with various system interfaces common in ground vehicle systems. Our extensive engineering expertise includes ruggedized systems, circuit board assemblies, audio and video systems and wireless communication devices. For every system we design, power management and power distribution is central to ensuring every solution remains operational until everyone is safely back to base.

Leveraging the resources of our RF High Speed Design Center of Innovation, Benchmark is a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of NextGen RF components critical in applications that secure communications, deter conflicts, protect troops and more efficiently deploy resources.

Our complete C4ISR capabilities include:

Weapons Systems - Certified & Ready to Support

Weapons controls and guidance systems must not fail. Benchmark’s expertise in communications technology enables high-performing military weapon systems. Benchmark Secure Technology engineers are experts in the designengineeringtest and manufacturing of tracking devices, navigation equipment, jammers, guidance and communication systems that meet strict size, weight and power (SwaP) requirements using miniaturized electronics. Benchmark Lark Technology's RF and High Speed Design Center of Innovation is a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of RF and other components critical in advanced munitions applications. Benchmark is a strategic partner providing ground, sea and air weapon technology. 

Soldier Systems - Specialized Manufacturing On the Battlefield

A military’s most critical assets are its soldiers. To excel on the battlefield, they need rugged, reliable tools that get the job done without distracting interfaces or complicated controls. Benchmark Secure Technology specializes in the design and manufacturing of low-power networks and rugged display systems which support the stringent specifications of our military customers. Our expertise in human-machine interface for use in high-pressure, fast-paced environments makes sure every system is designed around the end-user.

Power management and power distribution hubs are critical to the usability of any soldier-worn system and we have extensive experience designing systems that keep working until everyone is safely back to base.  Our extensive expertise integrating multiple communications and data protocols, including IP radio, intercom audio, Wi-Fi devices, or serial devices, allows us to design soldier-worn systems that fuse data into a format optimized for use by troops on the ground. We also leverage Benchmark’s global expertise in medical technology capabilities and RF design to integrate sensors into body-worn mesh networks and biometric devices.

Defense Avionics - More than 30 Years of Experience

Avionics is one of Benchmark’s tenured areas of expertise and our work in the defense industry is built on 30-plus years of knowledge. Benchmark has earned the trust of our defense customers with our high standard of excellence and reliability in designing and manufacturing digital displayscompute modules, networking equipment, power conditioners and communications systems for the most advanced aircraft in the world. All of our airborne systems are high-reliability and ruggedized to surpass aviation standards.

Our extensive background in RF technology allows us to specialize in the development and integration of NAV/COMM radios, navigation components (inertial and GPS) and radars, including electromechanical flight controls for all aircraft surfaces. The combination of our RF expertise with our precision manufacturing capabilities, allows us to design and manufacture components for a wide range of systems including cockpit displays, collision avoidance systems, aircraft sensors and products for the airframe and power plants of the modern aircraft.

Benchmark Secure Technology, Benchmark's defense systems division, designs and manufactures a wide range of systems including cockpit displays and processors, networking equipment, collision avoidance systems, aircraft sensors and products for the airframe and power plants of the modern aircraft. We can integrate multiple communications and data protocols into an aircraft,  including IP-based avionics, intercom audio, Wi-Fi devices and serial devices. We have experience building aviation data bus and networking equipment with various system interfaces, including MIL STD 1553 and ARINC 429, as well as commercial open standards such as 802.x Ethernet, fiber channel and RS-232/422/485, and video standards such as HDMI and SMPTE standards.

Space - The Next Frontier

Benchmark can solve the most complex challenges for space applications through our integrated capabilities in communications, RF and computing. Benchmark products have been as far as the moon and are found on multiple satellite platforms. Space customers trust Benchmark's experience creating high-reliability components and systems that can tolerate extreme temperatures, radiation and the other challenges of operating in space.

Our RF & wireless solutions accomplish significant size, weight and power reductions for electronic devices required in defense and space applications. Combined with our engineering, test and supply chain management expertise, Benchmark is ideally positioned to facilitate the entire product development lifecycle for a wide range of system needs.

Engineering Capabilities

Engineering Capabilities

With 30 years of engineering experience in the defense market combined with our key ITAR and DoD-compliant facilities, Benchmark provides high-quality, reliable solutions that meet our customers' mission-critical needs.

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Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services

With security clearance, quality systems accreditation, and key ITAR and DoD-compliant facilities nationwide, Benchmark is a trusted partner to the highly regulated defense market.

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Benchmark's specialized technology solutions provide the commercial aerospace market with additional capabilities within the same company.

Evolving Role of MILITARY Drones

The rapid pace of drone capability adoption forces the military to implement new strategies and tactics to address drone technology that is becoming easier for enemies to obtain and deploy.

Surveillance & Threat Detection

Benchmark has been a partner to military, industrial and security organizations for more than 20 years, providing highly reliable custom solutions and platforms for unique surveillance and threat detection applications.


Most folks may not realize that almost none of the technologies we take for granted today existed during Operation Desert Storm. Desert Storm was America's last major conflict executed without the technologies currently part of today's connected battlespace.

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