When your customers' demand is growing at an unprecedented pace, you need manufacturing that can scale just as quickly. Turn to a partner with over 30 years of experience in extended factory and semiconductor capital equipment manufacturing to develop collaborative engineering and prototyping solutions for your complex manufacturing and test development challenges.

Benchmark excels at supporting your designs and building complex, innovative, full-system integrated solutions from concept to volume production, whether it's front-end, back-end, or anything in between.


Why Choose Benchmark?

Our Industry Knowledge

To win in the semiconductor capital equipment industry, you need to deliver relentless precision to support ever-shrinking feature sizes and vertical architecture. Benchmark supports your requirements through process-driven collaboration with our customers to achieve precise tolerances and rigorous cleanliness requirements. We invest alongside our customers to ensure our capabilities and capacity meet or exceed their needs.

Global Footprint Aligned with Your Needs

Benchmark's geographic footprint is designed to be close to customers' primary development sites and located in regions near volume production, offering the greatest total customer value. Our site teams provide research and development through our AMP cell for rapid prototyping capabilities and early supplier engagement, which gives you ready access to the necessary supplies to produce robust products at the lowest total cost.

To ensure that our capabilities meet your needs for precision, cleanliness, materials, and quality, we conduct ongoing engagement with key customer contacts and periodic, formal reviews of technology roadmaps. Benchmark has adopted a Copy Exactly! Culture. Our Statistical Process Control (SPC) methodology includes real-time monitoring and analysis to minimize process variation.

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