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Benchmark's Technology Solutions help you overcome your most complex technology challenges. Whether you need high-frequency RF system design or size, weight, and power optimization for your innovations, our full lifecycle management capabilities ensure the timely release of your products in a competitive marketplace.

Our solutions combine engineering, manufacturing, and technology building blocks to overcome your technology realization challenges. Through this integrated process, you receive best-in-class expertise in multiple technologies from one flexible supplier.


A global leader in custom RF filter design and manufacturing for cutting-edge defense, communications, and computing applications.

Custom filters from Benchmark Lark Technology provide exceptionally high performance at competitive prices for aerospace, defense, test & measurement, wireless infrastructure, and satellite communications applications. Lark has been a trusted partner in the design, development, and production of RF filters for more than three decades.


Benchmark Secure Technology lets aerospace, defense, and industrial technology innovators de-risk product development and launch by applying decades of communications and computing experience to your toughest challenges. Whether you need a partner for the complete development of a sub-system or supplement your engineering team in specific competencies, our combination of engineering, manufacturing, and test development expertise in high-reliability systems helps you keep your program on time and on budget.


From concept design and prototype creation, Benchmark Precision Technologies is ready to work with you at every stage of manufacturing; from development to full-volume production. Our full scope of global sourcing and manufacturing services enable us to lower your costs, reduce lead times from pilot to production, and remain flexible as changes are needed.

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