Partnering at Every Phase of the Journey.

Are you addressing your product design and manufacturing needs strategically? Benchmark has vertically integrated capabilities to be your one-partner solution, eliminating design transfers and production transitions among vendors. There’s no need to waste valuable time, money, and resources on the handoff any longer. Benchmark is equipped to handle your projects from initial concept to full-scale manufacturing and beyond. We’re passionate about turning your most complex ideas into reality and watching them revolutionize the marketplace.


Technology is moving faster than ever before, so it is critical you work with a partner who excels at innovation. Benchmark invests in key technology building blocks to ensure we have the capabilities to service the products of tomorrow.


From ideation to realization, Benchmark works with you to bring your product visions to life quickly and profitably. We excel at tackling complex challenges and delivering high-quality solutions at scale.


We offer industry-leading traceability and reliable processes that deliver your products on-time. Integrated design engineering, manufacturing, and test development services lead to the efficient production of optimized products.


Product designs never stand still, even after production scales. We can adapt to these changes quickly to save you time and money.

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