Purpose Driven Design & Development

Optimizing every facet of a product design is the fastest path to market leadership. Partnering with you, we can examine all aspects of your product design before production ever begins using Design for Excellence (DFX) strategies.

Design For Manufacturability

When we partner with you to design a printed circuit board, device, or complete system, manufacturability is critical. Benchmark applies more than 40 years of manufacturing experience to the design for the manufacturability process. Our engineering and manufacturing teams work hand-in-hand to carry out a thorough review process that looks at five principles: process, design, material, environment, and compliance testing. By analyzing risks and suggesting design changes when needed, we ensure that a board, component, or product can be efficiently manufactured with no unnecessary costs during the product lifecycle.

Design For Quality

Our quality process guarantees exceptional results throughout the product lifecycle. To avoid costly defects, reworks, re-qualifications, and overhead demands that rob resources, we implement a full suite of tools, including computational and experimental analysis. In addition, we review each design to ensure it’s free of any flaws that may cause production challenges or reduce the quality of your finished product. By raising and resolving issues early, using multifunctional teamwork, and proactively minimizing risk, we optimize manufacturing once the product hits the production floor.

Design For Component

With expertise in component engineering and extensive knowledge of the supply chain, we’re able to manage materials, work with approved vendors, and analyze the interchangeable parts they provide. This also enables us to manage the product lifecycle by determining component obsolescence or fit-to-form functionality ahead of time. Each of these considerations is critical to ensuring the right component at the appropriate cost is integrated into your final product.

Design For Cost

Product development budgets are becoming more and more constrained, and OEMs need a proficient partner at eliminating unnecessary costs. We leverage a systematic process to make the right decisions early in your product’s design to ensure that production costs don’t accumulate over time. Our in-depth analysis of value, function, and supplier involvement allows us to find savings in material and component use and supplier engagement and pass those savings along to you. 

Design For Test

Benchmark test development engineers work directly with you to ensure your innovations are manufacturing test-ready. We want to save you time and money while ensuring you have the highest quality product. This is accomplished through our market-aligned comprehensive three-step process, where we review more than 20 critical test considerations. We leverage the extensive knowledge of our engineering and manufacturing teams to collaborate on smarter test solutions for you.

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