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The Benchmark Site Profile is an ongoing blog feature highlighting the manufacturing and engineering teams located around the world. This blog features the precision machining team from Concord, CA.Site Profile – Benchmark Concord - Precision Technologies TeamAs with almost all of Benchmark...


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One of the most significant challenges in today's technology industry is the global chip shortage. As the digital revolution charges forward, nearly all electronic system OEMs compete for the integrated circuit supply as they incorporate smart technologies into their products. Semiconductor...


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Benchmark Site Profile - Almelo

September 28, 2021

Almelo is a municipality in the eastern Netherlands and home to Benchmark’s hub in Western Europe. Benchmark’s Almelo site hosts our European Design Center of Innovation, which carries a proven track record of developing high-quality engineering and manufacturing services and solutions. Our Almelo...


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Within industries demanding high reliability such as defense and medical technologies, documenting an incredible amount of detail throughout the manufacturing process is essential to regulatory compliance and product quality.  Specifically, in the medical design and manufacturing industry,...


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The Benchmark Precision Technologies location in Penang, Malaysia, is not your average contract manufacturing partner. We offer more capabilities in one location than any other contract manufacturer (CM) in the region. At our Penang, Malaysia site, we specialize in producing complex top-level...


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In the seventies, noise pollution dominated social discussions. Well, today it's back as radio frequency pollution on our manufacturing floors, as many new devices across industries now have radios. Sure, the arbitration and communication protocols help the end product endure radio frequency noise...


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How useful is the data you are collecting?  Data collection is the foundation of any data-driven approach; the right data must be collected accurately and in abundance. In some cases, like medical device testing, data collection and preservation are required for compliance with regulatory standards...


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