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by Craig Roessler / February 3, 2022

For more than 30 years, Benchmark has been a part of the internet and computing revolution by helping our customers develop and launch advanced computing and communications hardware. We work with customers to deliver customized solutions from concept to market, supporting their teams where it's most needed. This model allows customers to leverage our engineering, manufacturing, and test expertise, helping them be first to market with the highest quality products at a time when being first means everything.

Breaking Barriers in ADVANCED Computing AND COMMUNICATIONS Technology

To do this, we've made critical investments in talent and capabilities across critical technologies like millimeter wave (mmWave) design, electronics miniaturization, high-speed circuits, free space optics communications systems, and photonics. Expertise across these technologies is vital as the advanced computing and communications markets are evolving rapidly, driven by the need to collect, move, and process data faster.

Within these fast-paced industries, we've identified market and technology trends shaping the future of communication and computing performance and want to share how Benchmark is helping our customers address these trends.

The accelerating shift to higher data speeds and higher frequencies. OEMs need to transition rapidly on data speed and high-frequency RF to enable advanced communication and computing solutions such as 5G, Industry 4.0, and advanced computing supporting artificial intelligence (AI). These solutions require the highest level of experience in High-Density Interconnect (HDI) high-speed circuit design, photonic packaging, and microelectronic assembly, but most importantly, the ability to work with and optimize a combination of all these technologies in one mixed-technology system.

With our start-to-finish model and vertically integrated capabilities for rapid development and New Product Introduction (NPI), we can solve complex mixed-technology challenges while ensuring performance, reliability, and on-time production. Our engagement model also provides supreme flexibility, allowing the customer to iterate quickly throughout the development process.

Transitioning higher frequency RF to commercial production levels. Beyond the challenges of the design and development phases for mmWave and mixed-technology systems, transitioning into volume production can be a challenge. When working with mmWave RF, reliability, and performance are difficult to achieve without specialized manufacturing and test capabilities. Solving these challenges requires investments in automation and test development expertise.

Benchmark helps customers work in frequencies up to 90 GHz by developing customized, automated production lines and RF test solutions. We've also developed industry-leading design for excellence (DFX) capabilities to help customers ensure their designs are as easy and cost-effective to manufacture as possible, accelerating the transition from design to manufacturing.

Revitalization of advanced manufacturing capabilities in North America. One key trend in the telecommunications and advanced computing industries is the move to nearshore manufacturing. OEMs find North American manufacturing offers several advantages, including faster development time, fewer regulatory risks, and more predictable transit times.

Benchmark has invested heavily in global and nearshore engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain capabilities. We have one of the largest North American footprints, among Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers, with 53% of its manufacturing facilities located in the U.S. and Mexico.

The race to develop technologies that meet the data speed requirements of today and tomorrow is on, and OEMs are diving headfirst into new solutions that once existed only in our imaginations. Benchmark is ready to help our customers take on big challenges and redefine what is possible in computing and telecommunications.

To learn more about Benchmark's capabilities in advanced computing and communications, check out our new sector profile video.


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Craig Roessler

Craig Roessler is the VP of Advanced Computing and Communications at Benchmark. In his more than 30 years with Benchmark, he has also served as General Manager of the Minnesota Division, Business Unit Director and Global Account Manager. Craig has a Bachelor of Science in Production Operations Management and Marketing from Winona State University and a Masters in Management from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota.

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