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Our vision is to positively impact lives by solving complex challenges with our customers, creating innovative products that no one imagined were possible.
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NextGen Telco


Helping solve complex challenges for the next generation of telco applications is what drives us. Our facilities provide access to complete design, prototyping, manufacturing and test services. We enable tomorrow’s technology today.

Benchmark understands the need for high-reliability in communication solutions that are complex in nature and require continuous upgrades. In addition to our deep industry experience and technical expertise, we continually bring new manufacturing capabilities online to meet changing product and technical requirements.

Understanding the Market

With our ITAR-controlled facilities, we’re able to address the highly-regulated environment that our telco customers operate in. Easy access to leadership and our integrity in business contributes to an atmosphere of trust in an industry where security is paramount.

The telco industry has unique challenges with demand and supply variations. To compete in the global marketplace, Benchmark’s global network of key facilities provide a global supply chain designed to accelerate delivery time, reduce cost and optimize efficiency.

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Microwave & RF

Benchmark is an industry leader in the design, manufacturing and testing of Microwave & RF solutions, serving customers in the highly-regulated markets of aerospace and defense, medical and industrial. Our engineering team has developed proprietary solutions for packaging approaches to drive down costs and improve time to market for customers.

Benchmark’s key differentiators in the Microwave & RF sector include:

Our innovations in Microwave & RF design and manufacturing contributes to significant size, weight and power (SWaP) reduction, enables the miniaturization of critical components in crucial industries. This expertise helps our partners solve complex problems, revolutionize capabilities and offerings in the communications and optics space.


Fiber Optics Design, Manufacturing, Test & Repair

Benchmark possesses the necessary fiber optics expertise for product integration, high-end assembly and fusion splicing. Our leading team of engineers understand the unique features of optical testing, interconnects and high-density interconnects.

Through our engineering expertise our customers have access to rapid-prototyping and design services, breakthrough manufacturing processes in substrate and packaging technologies, mixed microelectronics, complex product assembly and testing. Our unique in-house capabilities provide customers with the most advanced fiber optic solutions available on the market.


Free Space Optical Communication Systems Expertise

At Benchmark, we blend our extensive expertise in free space optics (FSO) for industrial, telco and medical applications. 

Taking advantage of the reliability of laser technology, we provide customers with the fastest wireless communication solutions possible. We not only excel at efficiency; our technical support and proactive cost solutions ensure customers are well-served.



Photonics is the physical science of light (photon) generation, detection and manipulation through emission, transmission, modulation, signal processing, switching, amplification and sensing. The application of this technology has become critical in the design and development of next-generation communications devices for complex, highly regulated industries. At Benchmark, our expertise is in applying light-based communication solutions to products, systems and infrastructure to improve speed, capacity and accuracy.

Benchmark’s experience in the optics industry, as well as our ability to miniaturize electronics with Benchmark Lark Technology's innovative Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) technology, provides us with the capability to meet the industries growing need for high speed solutions. We have the tools and expertise to apply LCP technology to a number of communications devices in medical, energy, data storage and transfer, security and industrial applications.


CATV-MSO Systems

Benchmark provides leading CATV-MSO solutions to top telecommunications and cable TV providers. We excel at handling product design, supply chain management, expedited schedules, changing products and technical requirements. Our top-notch engineers understand the ever-changing market and the cutting-edge technology needed to stay ahead. Complete customer satisfaction is the key to Benchmark’s success.

Engineering Capabilities

Engineering Capabilities

Benchmark’s worldwide manufacturing facilities deliver precision-driven, cost-competitive nextgen telco solutions that perform consistently and reliably time after time. Our leading manufacturing team and Precision Technologies capabilities provide customers with the complete confidence they need when choosing a strategic partner.

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Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services

Benchmark’s worldwide manufacturing facilities deliver precision-driven, cost-competitive nextgen telco solutions that perform consistently and reliably time after time. Our leading manufacturing team and Precision Technologies capabilities provide customers with the complete confidence they need when choosing a strategic partner.

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Benchmark's specialized technology solutions provide the next gen telco market with additional capabilities within the same company.


Benchmark's RF/Wireless product experience spans our global footprint, creating options for a flexible supply chain tailored to customer needs. Lark's design process is model-centric and simulation-heavy, which addresses issues early, saving time and money when introducing new products.

IoT Solutions

Combining IoT hardware and software expertise, we develop custom IoT solutions and products that create value for customers. Using our innovative IoT technology platform, we develop hardware solutions or products quickly and to our customers' exact specifications.

Surveillance & Smart Citites

Building on telco, RF, optics and IoT expertise, Benchmark designs and builds integrated smart city solutions capable of simultaneously addressing public safety and resource utilization challenges.

Solving complex problems for the next generation of telco.
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