Benchmark provides design expertise for high-performance circuit solutions that push the limits of what is possible in high-frequency and high-speed circuit design, covering analog signal frequencies to 110 GHz and multi-gigabit data rates.

RF and High-Speed Design Center of Innovation

Your circuit designs are developed with the latest computer simulation software at Benchmark’s RF and High-Speed Design Center of Innovation in Phoenix, AZ. The design center blends design, manufacturing, and test engineering teams to transform design concepts into solutions—quickly and cost-effectively. Beyond circuit and system design engineering, our integrated facility also offers microelectronics assembly, automated surface mount technology (SMT) assembly, system build, and functional RF test for assembly to the sub-system or system level. Performance is checked through all stages of development on precisely calibrated test instruments.

Cutting-Edge Circuit Design Capabilities

  • Design of high density interconnect (HDI) circuits utilizing the latest in 3-dimensional design strategies to optimize size, weight, and power (SWaP) as well as RF signal integrity
  • Experience designing for High-performance circuit materials to match performance and cost requirements
  • Extensive thermal analysis and management capabilities for increased power density
  • RF/microwave testing, troubleshooting, and tuning
  • Automated analog testing (signal generation and analysis) to 110 GHz
  • Strategic co-location of circuit design with microelectronics, SMT assembly, and RF test
  • ITAR-registered


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