RF & High Speed Technology

Your Complete Solution for RF and High-Speed Electronics

Benchmark is the one-partner solution for the design and manufacturing of RF, microwave, millimeter-wave, digital, and mixed-signal technology. We work with you to develop high-reliability systems for aerospace, complex industrial, defense, high-performance computing, and telecommunication applications from circuit design through full-system assembly.

Capabilities & Services

  • High-Frequency Design
  • RF & High-Speed Circuits
  • Microelectronics
  • Photonics
  • Mixed & Hybrid Assembly
  • mmWave Test
  • RF Filters & Components

Designing and building systems up to 110 GHz.

High Density Interconnect circuit design 

Precision automated and semi-automated assembly

Optical integration and photonics packaging development and manufacturing

Co-located microelectronics and SMT assembly for precision and flexibility

Test, troubleshooting, and tuning up to 110 GHz

High-performance custom filter solutions

Bringing Cutting-Edge RF and High-Speed Systems to Reality

Benchmark develops and builds high-frequency, high-speed electronics for the most hostile operating environments imaginable—on land, sea, air, and space. Our design engineers help you leverage the most advanced manufacturing techniques available to exceed your most challenging size, weight, and power goals for analog through 110 GHz systems.

With precision microelectronic assembly, optical technologies, SMT assembly, and mmwave test all in one location at our RF and High Speed Center of Innovation in Phoenix, Arizona, Benchmark is the partner of choice for rapid development, launch, and production of cutting-edge technology. 

Partner with a Leader in RF and High-Speed Design and Manufacturing