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by Dirrick Ong / October 1, 2020

Each of Benchmark’s global engineering and manufacturing facilities plays a significant role in our global strategy and ability to optimize the supply chain for our customers. Here in Suzhou, China, we’re proud to support this strategy as part of Benchmark’s Asia operations.

As with all of Benchmark’s worldwide locations, Suzhou serves as a trusted partner taking customers from an idea through production and into aftermarket services. Our ability to help solve complex challenges that matter most to our customer’s innovation strategy is what sets us apart.

Addressing the Full Product Lifecycle

Benchmark’s breadth and depth of industry knowledge across each of the markets we support allow us to partner closely with our customers in Suzhou. We can customize every process to meet specific needs dictated by the project and make decisions in real-time to ensure we’re meeting the customer's critical timelines and costs.

To optimize our customer's production schedules, we’veSuzhou-kaizen designed our supply chain process to de-risk production and sourcing. We offer Bill of Material (BOM) health checks and have built a strong portfolio of trusted components and material suppliers to pivot whenever faced with a shortage or cost increase. For global customers, our Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status can help shipments quickly clear customs.

On top of these key differentiators, our complete scope of engineering and manufacturing capabilities allows us to handle many unique and complex customer engagements, whether in the medical, industrial, computing, or telco industries. Our list of capabilities and services here in Suzhou go far beyond standard EMS and contract manufacturing, to include:

Benchmark Suzhou also houses a professional lab to facilitate failure analysis with capabilities like cross-section, dye penetration, strain gauge, snake eye, C3 test, and RoHS test. Our on-site reverse logistics solutions and comprehensive global repair and upgrade center set us apart in the industry. We’ve also invested in top-of-the-line equipment and a wide variety of unique tools to support complex product manufacturing requirements. 

Addressing Challenges in Difficult Times

Aside from the challenges we regularly face, nothing could have prepared us for the unique circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The height of the pandemic created a lot of uncertainty among our customers, who were naturally concerned about disrupted timelines and schedules.

Here in Suzhou, we worked closely with the Chinese government to obtain authorization to work in the facility while quickly implementing critical safety standards designed to keep our employees safe. This was especially pertinent when a medical customer came to us to increase the production of much-needed ventilators by 7x their original projected demand.Suzhou-team

Our ability to react quickly to meet this significant increase in demand not only helped the customer but also the communities that would benefit from this critical lifesaving technology. We literally worked around the clock with hundreds of suppliers to source materials, overcome logistics constraints, and successfully allocate resources to production. In the end, our team was able to meet the increased demand in one quarter.

Supporting Our Employees & Our Community

Benchmark Suzhou is built around a strong family-oriented culture. Whether we’re addressing safety, education, or career and personal growth initiatives, our employees always come first, and we’re committed to providing them support. We celebrate our wins as a team and ensure that each person working in our facility is treated with respect and given every opportunity to succeed.

Our culture also revolves around continuous improvement. We make a point to engage, empower, and develop our talent to retain our strongest people and help them grow. Our continuous improvement programs at BenchmarkSuzhou-BEX Suzhou include Six Sigma Green Belt training, five tools training, quality system training, and various e-learning programs based on department and the employee’s experience level.

We encourage and reward our employee’s suggestions, high-level demonstration of skills, project improvement proposals, long-term service, and the results of special projects.

Benchmark Suzhou believes in supporting the community where we work and in giving back when we can. Our  charity and community-driven initiatives include an annual blood drive, multiple charity donation drives, mentoring at Xi’jiao Liverpool University, and volunteering at the Growing Tree Program, a local child growth charity.

Asia is an incredibly thriving and robust market. In Suzhou, we’re pleased to serve Benchmark and our customers as an anchor for the region. Through our commitment to quality, reliability, and a culture of continuous improvement, our customer’s innovations are in great hands.

Interested in learning how Benchmark can help you increase quality and speed your time to market? Let's talk.

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Dirrick Ong

Dirrick Ong is the general manager of Benchmark's Suzhou and has worked for more than 30 years in the electronics industries. He's held positions ranging from process engineering, QA, NPI, EMS subcon management, to business Development and General Management.

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