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Accelerating Performance, Speed And Reliability

Staying ahead of what’s next in enterprise computing requires the ability to onboard the latest technologies to keep up with demand. Benchmark offers customized solutions for applications in high-performance computing, edge computing and data storage markets. Our expertise in embedded systems, artificial intelligence and augmented reality reduce our customers' R&D investments by accelerating time-to-market and reducing costs.

To serve your computing needs

To develop highly complex enterprise computing and data storage solutions, customers need a trusted partner that closely monitors industry trends and marketplace innovations to address challenges and define new opportunities.

Benchmark’s expertise in rapid-prototyping and design, components, high-density interconnect, cooling solutions, systems integration and in-circuit and functional test, enable us to deliver end-to-end solutions. By leveraging technology building blocks and integrating new capabilities and technologies through our RF and High Speed Design Center of Innovation and global network, we ensure that the final product meets and exceeds our customers’ needs.

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High-Performance Computing Innovation

From large enterprise data center systems to powerful supercomputers, Benchmark leverages its rack integration, cooling design, large card manufacturing, and hard and system-level test capabilities to develop the highest performance computing solutions in the industry. We integrate advanced technologies such as photonics, high-speed optical interconnects and custom precision machining, to provide value and stay on the cutting edge of innovation.

At Benchmark, our team is built around responsiveness and customer satisfaction. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to deliver a complete solution designed to meet the current and future needs of today’s data-centric, connected world. Our designs are tailored to provide customers with a competitive advantage in speed, power and reliability.

Advanced Capabilities for Mission-Critical Storage

Data storage is an essential element for all industries. At Benchmark, we deliver highly-customized solutions designed to meet the highest level of requirements. Benchmark leverages its advanced technology capabilities to provide our customers with leading storage solutions that are secure, robust and scalable. We provide OEMs with top hardware system design, manufacturing and configure-to-order solutions for off-the-shelf or custom, cloud-based and on-site storage.

Our dedicated team stays ahead of all industry standards to ensure our customers receive the most compliant and up-to-date solutions possible. No matter what a customer’s storage needs are, Benchmark has the credibility necessary to provide high-quality support.

Overcoming Obstacles to Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) are revolutionizing the world and Benchmark is helping lead the way. Whether it's manufacturing cutting-edge AI chips, developing advanced memory capabilities or perfecting machine learning capabilities, Benchmark is the go-to solution for making innovation work.

Benchmark excels at helping customers solve their most complex issues surrounding image processing, data structuring and predictive modeling. By choosing Benchmark, our customers receive the expertise of our leading engineering team and access to complete solutions for design, prototyping, manufacturing and aftermarket services.

Embedded Solutions for Any Level of Project

Benchmark understands how to design and manufacture embedded systems that meet even the most specific needs. Our team can develop solutions for real-time, stand-alone, networked and mobile embedded systems for small-scale, medium-scale and sophisticated applications. We work with customers to meet their low power consumption, low cost per unit and rugged operating range requirements.

No matter what unique specifications our customers have, they can depend on Benchmark to provide the technical support and proactive cost solutions they need to succeed. With Benchmark, customers gain a partner that not only understands their unique technical requirements, but also delivers solutions on-time, as promised.

Eliminate Lag Time with our Edge Computing Solutions

Edge computing is enabling the next generation of networking innovation. The technology uses a distributed, open IT architecture which features decentralized power, allowing data to be processed by the device, at the “edge” of the network, rather than being transmitted to a data center. What this means is that data is processed instantaneously, eliminating lag time. Its application is critical to the most significant trends in business innovation such as IoT and mobile computing. It is also a key to critical technologies such as autonomous driving.

Benchmark was an early entrant into the edge computing market, applying it to customer’s devices in complex, highly regulated markets that rely on fast, wireless data processing. Our engineers are leading the way in advancing this technology by way of our deep and extensive networking and data processing knowledge and experience. Whether we are helping to design advanced IoT infrastructure for a factory of the future or developing mobile security solutions for the military, Benchmark has the expertise to help partners reach their edge computing goals.

Classified and Secure Communications and Storage

Benchmark Secure Technology provides deep expertise in classified communications and data storage equipment, including those requiring COMSEC procedures. We also have the design and engineering expertise to develop electronics solutions focused on market requirements such as being smaller, lighter and using less power, all while staying in budget. We understand that complex communication systems must be reliable and configured to allow for continuous upgrades. In addition to our engineering expertise, we continually bring new manufacturing capabilities online to meet our customer's diverse product needs.

Engineering capabilities

Engineering capabilities

Benchmark's customers' metal fabricated products demand the highest precision, within the tightest tolerances and under the most stringent parameters in order to fulfill product performance promise. They cannot accept anything less.

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Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services

It just makes sense that components designed, manufactured and assembled as a unit, by the same company, optimizes their performance, reliability and costs. Owning the whole process ensures this outcome. Plus, it’s easier and more efficient for our customers to monitor and manage one partner.

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Benchmark's specialized technology solutions provide the computing market with additional capabilities within the same company.


The RF High Speed Design Center is ready to meet the upcoming challenges in the electronics market, from increases in hardware outsourcing to size, weight, and power (SWaP) restrictions on future commercial and military designs.

IoT Solutions

Benchmark offers comprehensive IoT solutions and services utilizing our engineering expertise, manufacturing legacy and trusted ecosystem partners.

Surveillance & Smart Cities

While threats span the globe, Benchmark has partners covered with our Integrated Surveillance Solution (ISS). The Integrated Surveillance Solution puts cutting-edge surveillance, tracking, and acquisition at customers' fingertips, simplifying complex situational awareness challenges.

See how Benchmark can facilitate your computing needs.
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