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Our vision is to positively impact lives by solving complex challenges with our customers, creating innovative products that no one imagined were possible.
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Setting the Benchmark

Each of Benchmark’s global engineering and manufacturing facilities plays a significant role in our global strategy and ability to optimize the supply chain for our customers. Here in Suzhou, China, we’re proud to support this strategy as part of Benchmark’s Asia operations.

Here at Benchmark, where we design and manufacture high-reliability electronic devices of all shapes and sizes, I've found myself with the unique opportunity to witness the introduction of innovative and emerging technologies on many fronts. It's an inside perspective that I've come to...

Designing and manufacturing RF filters is a complex process. There are thousands of variations of the component based on the needs of the customer, the purpose of the system, and the environment in which it will be performing. It takes a team of engineers with deep experience in a wide variety...

The medical device industry is continuously evolving to incorporate both emerging technology and leading medical practices. Throughout our 40-year history of designing and manufacturing medical devices, Benchmark has witnessed many of the factors driving this market's transformation. Above all...

Humanity's pursuit of the stars has evolved. After putting a man on the moon or discovering new worlds, space technology has come back home and is now critical to daily activity on Earth. New applications in high-speed communications, defense systems, and climate tracking drive demand for space...

Benchmark recently concluded the first annual Benchmark Enterprise Excellence (BEX) Global Olympics. The program brought together our global operations teams to compete in a fun, Olympics-themed event aimed at integrating our Lean Sigma culture and continuous-improvement methodologies into their...

The “Why Benchmark?” blogs are an ongoing blog feature highlighting the people, processes, and technologies that set Benchmark apart. Tune in every month to read the next installment in the series. This month's blog highlights Benchmark's core strengths in supply chain management. Next month...