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by Carreen Schroeder / June 22, 2023

This year, the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) held their flagship event from June 11 – 16 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. The week was packed with technical lectures, bootcamps, interactive forums, exhibits, and showcases featuring well over 500 exhibiting companies dedicated to all things microwaves and RF. During IMS, we sat down with Hank Ly, Business Development Executive for Benchmark’s Advanced Computing and Communications sector to ask him a few questions.

Question #1: How would you define Benchmark’s distinctive value proposition for its customers?

As a true solutions provider, Benchmark offers unparalleled engineering and manufacturing value to its customers. Our expertise lies in transforming customer concepts into tangible realities, taking them from ideation to productization and market launch. We serve as a trusted partner, offering comprehensive engineering and manufacturing solutions throughout the entire product development process. When a customer approaches us with a concept, our team of highly skilled design engineers and manufacturers collaborate seamlessly to bring that concept to life.

Our deep understanding of engineering and manufacturing allows us to address complex and often unique requirements. We engage in a thorough exploration of each customer’s concept, asking insightful questions and challenging assumptions to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our in-depth analysis covers various aspects, including the required technology and desired application for our customers’ concepts. By evaluating our ability to meet specific manufacturing requirements, we can suggest innovative solutions that deliver practical cost savings, leveraging our extensive network and supply chain expertise.

Question #2: Why has Benchmark decided to focus on a high-mix, low-to-medium volume manufacturing strategy for the communications and computing markets?

High-mix, low-to-medium volume involves the production of a diverse range of products in smaller quantities, effectively managing the unique and often intricate design and manufacturing requirements of our customers. This approach enables us to efficiently handle diverse product portfolios while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing market demands. By successfully executing high-mix, low-to-medium volume manufacturing, we demonstrate our ability to deliver tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each customer.

Question #3: What are the key high-level goals that Benchmark prioritizes for its customers?

Benchmark focuses on three fundamental high-level goals to cater to its customers’ needs:

Accelerating time to market: Recognizing the significance of speed to market in today’s competitive landscape, we streamline our processes and utilize our expertise to expedite the product development cycle. By reducing time to market, we help our customers gain a competitive edge.

Promoting sustainability and reliability: Sustainability is a core value at Benchmark. In our manufacturing processes, we prioritize sustainable practices and guide customers toward environmentally friendly materials when and where appropriate. Additionally, we emphasize reliability, ensuring that the products we develop and manufacture meet the highest quality standards, contributing to long-term customer satisfaction.

Ensuring flawless manufacturing Our commitment to delivering products with impeccable quality is unwavering. We employ rigorous quality control measures and leverage our engineering and manufacturing expertise to optimize efficiency, minimize defects, and achieve flawless production. This dedication guarantees that our customers receive products of exceptional reliability and performance.

Question #4: How does Benchmark enhance sustainability for customers’ products in the Advanced Compute and Next-Generation Communications sector?

Within the Advanced Computer and Next-Generation Communications sector, Benchmark employs several strategies to enhance sustainability for customers’ products. Firstly, we provide expert guidance to our customers on selecting the most environmentally friendly materials during the design and manufacturing processes. For example, we engage in discussions that compare the advantages and disadvantages of materials (e.g., aluminum and casting), considering several factors, such as required volumes.

We also consider plating options and the use of organic versus non-organic materials, considering both environmental impact and the standpoint of our suppliers. We prioritize manufacturing proximity to customers or end-users to conserve energy, optimize efficiency, and minimize transportation. These sustainability efforts align with our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Leveraging our tools, expertise, and knowledge, we aim to serve our customers in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Question #5: Can you share an example of how Benchmark’s engineering expertise has made a significant impact for your customers?

Our engineer’s deep understanding of thermal management alone has played a critical role in several of our customers’ success stories. Leveraging our engineering and design for excellence expertise, we provide solutions to complex heating issues and optimize airflows, leading to highly satisfied customers.

Our engineers employ cutting-edge tools and conduct advanced simulation tests to identify optimal thermal management solutions. By effectively addressing thermal challenges, we ensure that the products we develop and manufacture meet stringent performance requirements. This results in enhanced customer satisfaction and improved overall product reliability.

Question #6: Has Benchmark focused on any areas for operational improvements in the past year?

Establishing strong relationships with suppliers to ensure a seamless supply chain has been critical over the past few years. We continuously strive to collaborate closely with our suppliers, focusing on efficient procurement and delivery processes. By fostering robust supplier partnerships, we can ensure the availability of high-quality components and materials required for our manufacturing operations.

Question #7: How does Benchmark address some of the exciting opportunities on the horizon?

To address the current exciting projects Benchmark is pursuing, we leverage our extensive capabilities in engineering and manufacturing. We engage in close collaboration with our customers, actively listening to their needs. Through this collaborative approach, we ensure that we achieve high-quality results and fast delivery. Our approach involves full product realization solutions, drawing upon the expertise of our more than 365 engineers and a dedicated, skilled workforce of over 14,000 employees.

We harness advanced technologies and implement proven business practices, allowing us to drive innovation and efficiency. By combining our resources and knowledge, we develop a roadmap to success for these exciting projects, exceeding our customers' expectations and enabling them to achieve their goals. 

Looking for a trusted product realization partner for your next project? Reach out to Benchmark today. 

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