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What has to happen to make 5G a reality?

by Craig Roessler / September 13, 2019

5G networks are not new networks; they are add-ons of new advanced technologies to the current 4G LTE-A (Gigabit LTE) networks. For companies contemplating the impact 5G might have on their business, understanding exactly what 5G is (and what it isn’t) is essential. In this video blog, Benchmark's Vice President of Nextgen Telco & Compute Craig Roessler explains how our current telecommunications infrastructure will evolve into a nextgen 5G network.


In addition to Benchmark’s extensive engineering expertise, we continue to invest in the latest manufacturing capabilities to support our customers in the rapidly developing 5G market. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities span the range from RF design to fiber optics, microwave arrays to microelectronics, and more. Benchmark’s dedicated team is helping solve the challenges that come with the growing demands of the industry and the end users.

Want to talk to Craig and other Benchmark 5G experts about overcoming your 5G challenges? Contact us at!

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about the author

Craig Roessler

Craig Roessler is the VP of Nextgen Telco and Compute at Benchmark. In his more than 22 years with Benchmark, he has also served as General Manager of the Minnesota Division, Business Unit Director and Global Account Manager. Craig has a Bachelor of Science in Production Operations Management and Marketing from Winona State University and a Masters in Management from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota.