RF Filters Make Radar Altimeters Safe to Use with Nearby 5G Towers

by Benchmark / July 8, 2022

Wireless 5G cellular communications networks are gobbling up bandwidth as people use more and more mobile data. Unfortunately, some of the frequency bands near 5G spectrum are already used at C-band by radar altimeters on commercial and military aircraft. Fortunately, Benchmark Lark has a solution that filters any 5G signals that might interfere with a radar altimeter—and a safe landing! With compact, surface-mountable filters such as the SD filters, potential radar altimeter interference can be removed without adding to the weight and size of the radar altimeters. Coaxial filters can even be added between coaxial cables and altimeters to make everything like new while meeting the strictest size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements for military altimeters.

Read all about it in the latest online or print edition (June 2022) of Microwave Product Digest (MPD, “RF Filters Can Keep Air Travel Safe in the 5G World,” written by Benchmark's Adam Moya Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Aerospace and Defense.

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