Redefining Our Core Values

by Rhonda Turner / June 7, 2021

A company is more than just the products and services it offers; the people are what make it special. At Benchmark, our employees, customers, and community are at the heart of everything we do. We know what Benchmark has to offer, but there is always room to grow so that we best support our people.

We want to make sure our customers and community know what matters to us. With transparency, those around us can know what to expect from Benchmark and help keep us accountable. That's why Benchmark is pleased to announce that we are releasing a new set of core values centered around integrity, inclusion, customer commitment, ingenuity, and caring.

How we got here

When Jeff Benck joined Benchmark as CEO in 2019, he was determined to serve our customers to the best of Benchmark's abilities. As part of Benchmark's goal to do that, we updated our mission and vision statements. These statements showcase how Benchmark intends to serve its customers.

Our vision is to positively impact lives by solving complex challenges with our customers and creating innovative products that no one imagined possible.

Our mission is to be our customers' trusted partner; providing comprehensive solutions across the entire product lifecycle; leading through our innovative technology and engineering design services; leveraging our optimized global supply chain; delivering world-class manufacturing services.

Benchmark's leadership team has been discussing updating our core values since we began reconstructing our mission and vision statements. Now that our new mission and vision statements have been implemented, it is time to take a look at the values that support those statements. The values we chose represent the ideas that have always mattered to Benchmark. They will guide our employees in creating a positive work environment, serving our customers well, and supporting our community.

To start the process of selecting new values, we gathered a cross-functional team of 60 leaders from across the globe who represented our employees from every location and department. The leaders were asked which values they thought described Benchmark's existing company culture, priorities, and goals. A third-party facilitator was hired to coordinate the process and the conversations, ensuring all voices were heard. The Benchmark Senior Leadership Team then carefully narrowed down the list of proposed values.

Our new core values

These five core values are the ones we believe best represent Benchmark today and into the future.

At Benchmark…

We act with integrity by doing what we say we are going to do, exhibiting accountability, and building trust at all times. Building trust requires work on both ends of the relationship, and Benchmark is willing to take the first step by being an honest company you can trust.

We value inclusion by respecting diverse opinions to collaborate effectively. A variety of thought patterns bring about ingenuity, so we appreciate the backgrounds of our employees and customers that bring forth diversity. At Benchmark, we show inclusivity by embracing, respecting, accepting, and valuing what makes each person unique.

We are committed to customers, both internally and externally, with a dedication to excellence in every encounter. In the end, the products we build are what really matters, and we want to give our customers the service they deserve. Benchmark encourages its employees to ask questions and listen to the customer, and each other, so as to best understand how to support one another.

We promote ingenuity by proactively attacking challenges, creating innovative solutions, and constantly learning to drive continuous improvement. Ingenuity has always been important to Benchmark; without it, Benchmark could not have been created. We are committed to maintaining the creative edge that sets us apart from other companies.

We genuinely care for each other, our customers, and our communities. At Benchmark, we check in with our employees and support them beyond their work lives. We also care about how our actions affect those beyond the company. We are dedicated to positively impacting the world around us.

Moving Forward

Perhaps "new" is the wrong word to describe these values. None of these ideas are new to Benchmark. We have always valued integrity, inclusivity, commitment to customers, ingenuity, and caring. Now, these values simply have a stronger emphasis on them. We want our customers and community to understand who we are and what is important to Benchmark. We also want to encourage our employees to continue exemplifying these traits and considering new aspects of each value they had not previously considered.

Benchmark is excited to continue showing dedication to our employees, customers, and community by emphasizing what it means to demonstrate integrity, inclusivity, commitment to customers, ingenuity, and caring. Check out this video, which further describes our core values and the process we went through. We look forward to the journey we are on, and we want to thank you for being a part of it.


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Rhonda Turner

Rhonda Turner is Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at Benchmark. She leads all aspects of human resources, including talent acquisition and development, business partnerships, organizational design and effectiveness, compensation and benefits, diversity and inclusion, and human resources business operating systems. Rhonda has more than 20 years of HR leadership experience and a proven track record of driving business outcomes by leveraging talent management, employee engagement, and culture.

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