How to Specify and Select RF Filters for A&D Systems

by Benchmark / October 19, 2022

RF filters are critical components in aerospace & defense (A&D) systems and must be specified for optimum system performance. The right RF filters can screen out interference signals while channeling desired signals to a system’s receivers with minimal loss and distortion. But RF filter specifications can be overwhelming to system-level engineers wrestling with stacks of other requirements for an A&D system. This is especially true when they are faced with making A&D hardware that is smaller and lighter per military goals for reduced size, weight, and power (SWaP).

Fortunately, Benchmark Lark Technology has long collaborated with its customers to help them understand the finer details of specifying RF filters for A&D systems. They have also captured some of that advice in an article titled, "How to Specify and Select RF Filters", appearing in the September 2022 online and print editions of Aerospace & Defense Technology. Do not miss a chance to learn more about RF filters and spend less time specifying them for A&D systems. We invite you to read the full article at the sister publication, Mobility Engineering Tech.

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