What’s in a Name?

by Teresa Lamberger / January 18, 2019

Since Benchmark’s inception, we’ve consistently prioritized setting the industry standards for excellence. Our rich history has taken us through the journey of discovering the values necessary for fostering greatness, including our emphasis on integrity, empowerment, accountability and innovation. Benchmark’s 40 years in business has always been rooted in setting high standards, and because of that, we found it fitting to name our blog “Setting the Benchmark.”

A benchmark is a high standard or reference point from which everything else is measured. Although most people understand our company by that definition, the story goes a bit deeper. The triangle incorporated into our logo represents a notch cut into stone, which is also known as a ‘benchmark’. We felt it was critical to incorporate our standards for excellence into our brand to convey the trust and confidence essential to being the highest quality engineering, design, manufacturing and test partner.

Benchmark strives to redefine the possibilities of innovation. We set the standards for attention to detail, reliability and ingenuity, and we nurture our partner’s product solutions from the initial idea, all the way through its after-market services.

We’d like to thank all of our quality partners we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past decades, and we’re thrilled to share the next stages of our journey here on our blog: Setting the Benchmark.

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Teresa Lamberger

Teresa Lamberger is the Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Solutions for Benchmark. She is responsible for creating superior brand recognition, increasing awareness and understanding of the entire solution portfolio, cultivating opportunities in new and existing markets, and growing demand for Benchmark’s solutions.

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