Not Your Grandfather’s EMS Company

by Jan Janick, SVP & CTO / January 17, 2019
The Changing World of Product Development

As technology continues to advance exponentially and enhance our capability to solve problems, the demand for electronic manufacturing services has grown.  With this growth comes complex customer requirements and tighter timelines to be competitive. EMS companies can follow in their grandfather’s footsteps and respond to RFQs to manufacture boards or system for their customers, or they can build skills and capabilities to help solve these complex customer challenges at both the product and skill level required.

Who better to design the manufacturing testers for a product launch than the product designers who are part of the manufacturing company? After all, they know the floor control systems and are in the best position to design the product to be optimized for their manufacturing equipment, processes, and capabilities.

The days of the traditional EMS company are numbered. What will emerge are faster, more agile companies that extend back into the product design cycle and even further back into the technology and solutions needs of the customers.  Will the need to provide world-class manufacturing services go away? No, but the future belongs to those who evolve to solve their customers’ changing needs.

How Benchmark is Responding to Today’s Innovation Environment

Here at Benchmark, we focus on specific innovations that fit our customer’s needs. By investing in key assets and facilities across the globe, we have developed the unique skill sets and technology building blocks required to address our customers’ most complex challenges and become their partner from product idealization to manufacturing.

Our core competencies include the following:

  • Product development: Benchmark provides world-class product development by utilizing the process of generating concepts, specifications, detailed designs and prototypes and manufacturing.
  • Automation: Benchmark excels in providing automated assembly, test and packaging solutions for large, Technology development illustrationindustry-leading companies.
  • Prototyping: Benchmark works with your design teams and documentation to provide the best quality prototype within your design cycle timeline.
  • Test: Benchmark incorporates all testing best practices, including analysis, documentation, specifications, verification and review.

After development, Benchmark’s manufacturing capabilities geared towards medical, aerospace and defense, telecom and industrial requirements will allow customers to scale production seamlessly.

Customer Options in This Evolving Environment

Within the growing engineering industry, our customers have more opportunities than ever before. They can acquire “new products” by investing in a startup, allowing them to be involved with the companies and the products that they are developing. Or, they can follow a more traditional path and develop products through their own internal research and development investments. 

But, when your R&D team is missing a vital capacity, or you need more experience than a start-up provides, our engineering and design services are the perfect complements.  With Benchmark as a design partner, your company gets exactly the expertise you need to bring the best possible product to market.

We understand your pain within the evolving world that OEM’s live and are here to provide opportunities, as well as production capabilities, to enable you to reach their goals. We used to build things. Now we solve customers’ challenges to help them get their products to market faster, at better quality, function and cost.

About Benchmark

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Jan Janick, SVP & CTO

Jan Janick is the Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Benchmark. Jan’s extensive customer-focused career spans more than 30 years leading high-performance multicultural technology development teams at industry-leading computing systems companies. His ability to make decisions quickly and inspire teams to move at the speed of technology makes him a valued contributor to the Benchmark executive team where he leads the world-wide product realization design teams through launch into the Benchmark factories.

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