Benchmark Market Profile: Complex Industrial

by Amy Davis / March 11, 2022

Meeting the growing demand for innovation in complex industrial

The industrial market continues to increase in complexity driving OEMs' needs to reduce cost, add value/features, improve sustainability, and de-risk business. Key factors to accomplish this are automation & robotics, connectivity, and regional manufacturing. These must be done while at the same time increasing sustainability. Many companies choose to focus on their core IP and rely on a trusted partner to quickly add technologies to their traditional equipment. Benchmark is uniquely positioned to provide a broad value stream to these customers.

Rising labor costs and tightening supply of labor are driving a need for automation in every part of life. From manufacturing products to delivery robots, automation is on the rise. Automation can bring efficiencies that reduce costs, improve quality, and eliminate waste. This broad range of applications is driving an expansive service offering requirement including lidar & sensors, microfluidics, mechatronics, and complex robot assembly. Benchmark has deep engineering and manufacturing capabilities and experience to support these technologies.

Connectivity combined with big data is opening new markets and increasing equipment uptime and efficiency. Benchmark’s customers are asking for our help integrating innovative technologies into once traditional, non-connected products. Modern factories and workplaces are more data-driven and efficient through smart technology, enabling automation, predictive maintenance, touchless environments, and more. This creates an innovative ecosystem where markets that haven’t been historically high-tech are now embracing connected operating models.

Global instability and rising shipping costs are forcing companies to think about risk mitigation through regional manufacturing models combined with traditional low-cost options. Benchmark’s unique engineering and manufacturing footprint allows our customers to design and manufacture in-region. Offering engineering and manufacturing services in Asia, Europe, and North America, Benchmark can model a solution that works for your business whether your needs are defined by low-cost manufacturing, Buy America & Buy American regulations, or expansion within European markets.

The electrification of markets such as heavy equipment is reducing on-site chemicals and emissions while driving the need for complex electronic controllers and chargers. Benchmark enables our customers to improve the sustainability of product design and manufacturing requirements while meeting their global demand. Benchmark has a committed ESG strategy to ensure our customers not only get products that are sustainable but a socially responsible partner as well.

Benchmark has the capabilities to support industrial customers from concept through production. This allows us to help guide our new customers to the high-tech scene with design, engineering, test, and manufacturing services. Deep expertise in test & measurement, IoT, optics, robotics, sensors, RF, micro-e, and ruggedization combined with regional and global locations make Benchmark the ideal engineering and manufacturing partner in the complex industrial market. To help you learn more about our services, I’ve put together a brief sector overview. Watch it below:



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Amy Davis

Amy Davis is the Vice President, Industrial Sector at Benchmark. She has more than 20 years’ experience in advanced manufacturing and has been with Benchmark since 2005. She also worked in Mission Control for NASA! She holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Texas, San Antonio and an MBA from The University of Arizona Global Campus.

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