Industrial Solutions

Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery

From hot construction sites, to dusty farms to humid mine shafts, Benchmark parts and components are designed, engineered and manufactured to operate in harsh, demanding industrial environments.

Industrial Automation

Robotics & 3D Printing

From machinery controllers to robotics and sensors, safety products and measuring devices, we’re well versed in delivering high-performance, complex electronics that meet required standards.



We keep freight and passenger transportation businesses on track by providing the key electronics for safety devices, communications, electronic door operation, lighting, control panels and many other key operational elements.

Clean Energy

Clean Energy/Power Conversion

You’re adept at addressing challenging clean energy solutions for your clients. We are adept at identifying and designing innovative technology solutions to meet your customers' clean energy targets, no matter the application.



It’s cliché, yes, but tests are only as accurate as the equipment used to measure them. We engineer and manufacture dependable test and measurement equipment that produces consistent results.