smt and micro-e assembly

For your assembly needs, Benchmark Lark Technology is uniquely equipped to handle all complex design requirements in one ITAR-registered facility. Our wide range of capabilities available at our RF and High Speed Design Center of Innovation enable us to provide you with tailored solutions at lower cost and faster time to market.

Lark Technology has integrated highly capable SMT and microelectronic (micro-e) assembly lines within our high density interconnect (HDI) circuit fabrication facility, all in a clean room environment, providing unmatched capabilities under one roof.  We can utilize either leaded or lead free solder processes, as well as high precision die bonding with several attachment methods including conductive adhesive, gold-tin eutectic and gold ultrasonic.  We are capable of manual or automated gold, aluminum and copper ball and wedge wire bonding, ribbon bonding and encapsulation as well. The integration of HDI circuit fabrication with both SMT and microelectronic assembly services in one location is vitally important for seamless embedded component realization in PCBs, simplifying the supply chain for these complex product types.   

We equipped our facility with state-of-the-art analytical equipment including a three dimensional x-ray, die shear and bond pull testing, as well as laser and ultrasonic microscopes.  Our microwave lab is capable of testing to over 100 GHz.

Our capabilities include:


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