When hundreds of lives are dependent on your equipment to get them safely from one place to another—over and over again—you’d better be partnering with the best manufacturer.

Data Recorders

Data recorders don’t just capture voice communications. They monitor, track and record critical operational information necessary to keep aircraft safe and running. And they need to perform without fail. If they’re manufactured by us, they will.

Entertainment Systems

While less is riding on the operation of in-flight entertainment systems than other aerospace equipment, they still need to be manufactured to meet stringent requirements and the highest expectations.

Galley and Lighting Systems

Small, detailed electronics take the most precision—and that’s where we excel.

Blades and Vanes

Big or small, necessary for operations or simply adding to a passenger’s experience, metal fabricated parts on commercial airplanes deserve the same close attention to detail as the rest of the aircraft.

AS9100 Certified

We have a commitment to adhere to the strictest international aerospace industry standards with strategic global sites certified to AS9100 . See our complete list of certifications and registrations by facility.



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View a list of our certifications and registrations by facility.


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