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High Frequency RF Design and Test

Benchmark Lark Technology is the leader in next-gen communications. Our design and manufacturing capabilities are pioneering the next age of wireless RF and ushering in 5G technology. Lark’s wireless RF and 5G design and test services are tailored to meet the needs of complex and highly regulated markets including aerospace and defense, telecom and medical devices.

Technical challenges in millimeter wave frequencies prove a major hurdle to widespread 5G implementation. Lark has experience working with all types of RF systems in frequencies up to 110 GHz. 

Whether you’re developing a connected industrial device, autonomous vehicle or secure military communications systems, our engineers have the expertise and tools to enable these innovations.


While 5G networks are rolling out worldwide there are significant unresolved technical hurdles. Even with small cells, massive MIMO and beamforming technologies to mitigate the short-range of millimeter wave signals, the ability to use millimeter wave technology consistently has not yet been demonstrated. Achieving consistency at mmWave frequencies is challenging and engineering and manufacturing expertise difficult to find.

This is where Benchmark Lark Technology comes in. Lark’s combined design, engineering and manufacturing experience allows us to understand the complex nuances of diverse frequency ranges in millimeter wave design (mmWave). The Lark design team located at our 30,000 square-foot RF and High Speed Design Center of Innovation in Phoenix, Arizona, works with customers to select the correct materials and utilize the right design to overcome common mmWave challenges with high-speed circuits, embedded components and hybrid circuits. We specialize in the design and manufacture of high-density circuits using low-loss materials optimized for mmWave design. Our unique design and manufacturing processes prevent coupling and limit interference between lines and signals. 

Whether you're building 5G antennas, base stations or even connected devices that will take advantage of the bandwidth and low-latency of 5G, Benchmark Lark RF Technology offers solutions to major mmWave challenges.


Benchmark Lark Technology engineers have many years of experience in a wide range of frequency ranges to meet the needs of customers across industries including aerospace and defense, telecommunications and medical. Our circuit design and fabrication processes address many common high-frequency design challenges, including working in low-loss substrates such as Liquid Crystal Polymer. Our processes produce high-performance circuits that also attack the challenge of reducing size, weight and power (SWaP) from a variety of angles. This process allows us to provide each and every customer a custom solution that meets their unique requirements.


Advances in Automotive E Band Antenna Design

Selecting the right substrate and fabrication technology is critical when designing antennas for E band frequencies.

RF performance up to 110 GHz
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